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New Brick Municipal Court Judge Approved Unanimously

Brick Township, NJ Logo (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township, NJ Logo (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Newly-minted Brick Municipal Court Judge Joseph Grisanti is “above reproach,” Mayor John Ducey said Tuesday night, minutes before the judge was approved unanimously by the township council.

A former Democratic mayor of Jackson, Grisanti is now a Brick resident who will bring what officials described as an impressive record of legal ethics to the municipal court bench.

“We did interviews and we found ourselves an excellent candidate,” said Ducey.


Municipal court judges in Brick are appointed for three year terms. They are considered employees of the township and are paid a salary of $140,000 per year that is set by ordinance, said Business Administrator Joanne Bergin. Grisanti will replace current Judge Robert M. Lepore, whose term expires Aug. 21.

In addition to his private work and duties as a municipal prosecutor in numerous Ocean County municipalities, Grisanti, Ducey said, is a member of state Attorney Ethics Committee, which reviews attorney ethics questions.  (He will give up his prosecutorial posts once he becomes judge.)

“As a member of that ethics bar, you obviously have to have a clean record of ethics and have a clean record to be nominated and appointed,” said Ducey.

Grisanti is also a former FBI agent and served in the United States Navy.

  • east coast resident

    I have heard that Lepore was a good and fair judge. He has helped Bricktown tackle crime. His bail setting was according to each case and could be substantial. Looking forward to our new judge to keep Brick safe, but also be fair and take each case individually.

  • Smokin

    Another Democrat move ..but these moves are not political patronage appointments…just another careless move …I realize it’s a contracted position but this sets up Ducey next move ..Judge Duce !