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Parkway Exit 91 Project Now Shut Down, Brick Officials in the Dark

Interchange 91 Realignment (Source: Ocean County Engineering Department)
Interchange 91 Realignment (Source: Ocean County Engineering Department)

The massive Garden State Parkway interchange 91 reconstruction project has now fully come to a stop due to a lack of funding in the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, and township officials say they have not heard from their state counterparts how the shutdown might affect the timeline to completion.

The project is technically a county undertaking, but is being largely funded by the state. After the state legislature and Gov. Chris Christie failed to come to a compromise on raising the state’s gas tax last week, the governor ordered most projects funded through the TTF shut down.

“They came to an organized stop before the stop-work order,” said Business Administrator Joanne Bergin.


Bergin said that township officials have not heard from the state since the project was shut down last Friday, and there is seemingly no solution to repairing the immense number of potholes and bumps in the roads during the interim.

“They’re not our roads,” said Mayor John Ducey, responding to a question from a member of the public at Tuesday night’s township council meeting who asked if township crews could temporarily repair potholes.

Brick officials said people who experience damage to their vehicles must contact the county.

The gas tax hike would have funded the TTF’s ongoing¬†projects; the current gas tax now only raises enough money to pay down the fund’s debt for past projects, state officials have said. Though the state Senate favored a measure that would raise the gas tax between 23 cents and 52 cents per gallon, depending on the price of fuel, the tax hike died when Christie reached an agreement with the state Assembly that would have simultaneously cut the state sales tax by 1 percent. The gas tax faced opposition from many New Jersey residents, who already shoulder the nation’s highest property tax burden. New Jersey residents also pay among the highest per-mile costs for road construction, due in part to the state’s prevailing wage law, reform of which was not present in either the Senate or Assembly bills.

The interchange 91 project is one of two projects in Brick that have been stopped, the second being the Route 35 reconstruction project. The Route 35 project, however, is nearly completely finished, while the interchange project is about at its midpoint. Ducey said the county had previously estimated the project would have been completed in February.

The project constructs a full interchange at exit 91 off Burnt Tavern Road, allowing vehicles to enter and exit the Parkway in both directions. It also includes numerous new intersections and traffic flow measure to help alleviate bottlenecks, which have been common in that part of town for years.

  • Stephen Brill

    There was only one reason for a New Jersey Turnpike Authority funded project to be shut down. To perpetuate a lie that the TTF is bankrupt. The Turnpike Authority funds the TTF from toll money taken from the Turnpike and Garden State Parkway! Governor Christie and Senator Sweeny want to empty your pockets until there is only lint left! If the two of them used their time to petition Washington for more highway funding we would not have a problem. Maybe they don’t want the Federal Government involved ! Could it be because of the way business is done in New Jersey!

    • Surfrider

      I for one agree with what you say. they are playing a shell game with the tax payers of NJ! Neither the republicans or democrats give a rats butt about any of us, or doing a good job to bring in costs. They just keep expanding state, county, and local jobs for their “friends” and relatives. Ever here them tackling the redundancy of jobs or double and triple dipping in the state pension plans, or taking ALL lawyers that work for municipalities out of the pension system, which they are not eligible for to begin with….how about that one? So many places to save big $, but it does not happen….sadly…….or how about stopping the bogus overtime for state employees the last 3 years of their active employment(ones who qualify to do), which increases their pension a lot, or the paying out of “unused sick time” at their current rate of pay, rather than paying it out at what their pay rate was at time of “sick time” not used, which is pretty bogus to begin with. It should be mandatory that they all take their vacation time each year or lose it, like in business. They all cover for each other for the subtle abuses. So many ways to save lots of money, but no politicians want to. This is why Trump is so popular…..You cannot trust any politician any more….sadly……

      • JrzShoreLady

        Private businesses never pay out unused sick, and usually cap the vacation payout to one year eligibility (i.e., if you get 4 weeks vacation per year, you get paid out for 4 weeks nothing more). The state needs to enact use it or lose policy.

  • Beach N8iv

    Just another Chris Christie foot stampy tantrum.

  • Dennis Zanone

    I always thought that the GSP paid for its own repairs and projects. Where is the money?

    • shorekitten

      It costs me $2.50 in tolls to go to work every day. Just mine adds up, what of the thousands who also contribute?

  • #hadenoughofeverybody

    Typical govt projects. Underbid and underestimated with time. So now the taxpayer has to bail out incompetence. The overpass is taking forever. What is it 2 years to redo a bridge, it’s not like it’s I’ve water!

    • realcheeseyo

      They gave a project timeline end date of February 2017 and it looks like they were trying to do everything they could to make sure they didn’t end before that. Most days you would be lucky to see three people working. No reason this project shouldn’t be done right now.

      • #hadenoughofeverybody

        Exactly. But, gov’t contracts are heavy with over time and benefits. I dont want food off of the workers tables, but we have to be realistic. No gov’t funded entity is sustainable without taxing the bejesus out of the middle class

  • Frank Rizzo

    Hire illegals at half the rate to do the jobs…unions all vote Democrat which wants the illegal labor…so let the tax payers benefit from it….besides..was this money not already appropriated for the job before it started

  • Kimberleely

    So typical. New Jersey government started a project without having the money . Great, so what else is new ? WE also now are being held hostage because we did not want to pay an extra quarter on every gallon of gas that we had to purchase to live in this overtaxed state.

  • Smokin

    That section of roads is a F’En mess…Exit 91 parkway ..What a joke ..!

  • Smokin

    Didn’t they the money approved before project started ?

  • J W

    I spent the week in Massachusetts where they have these brilliantly designed highways. The on and off ramps are long and straight, but only go on and off to the side a bit each way. No clover leafs, no 4 chains of lights. Simples. I blame the idiot engineers who cooked up this Rube Goldberg-esque ‘improvement’. I could have designed a better system and had it in place already without any need to even change the current Northbound entrance ramp or knock down the stupid Soveriegn bank.