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Streets to be Paved Across Brick Township

A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)
A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)

The Brick Township council has voted in favor of soliciting bids and approving bids for various road improvement projects across the township.

The council voted in favor of seeking bids to repave: Winding River Road and Rollings Hills Drive in the Herbertsville section. Additionally, Winding River Court was included as a “bid alternate,” which could be integrated into the project depending on cost.

The council is also soliciting bids for the repaving of the Lakewood Gardens and Seaview Meadows development, which include: Green Grove Road West, Jacquelyn Avenue and Jay Avenue. The solicitation also includes: Cedar Island Drive, Meadow Run and South View Drive.


The project to repave streets off Princeton Avenue and in the Hinslea Manor development, consisting of: North Cherokee Lane to Tuscaloosa Lane, Shawnee Drive, Chocktaw Lane, Tuscaloosa Lane and Apache Lane. A separate project includes School House Road, Hardeen, Meadow Run, Sateroja Road, Croy Road and Flagge Road.

  • the truth

    It’s always good to see the streets that need to be repaired get paved. Tunesbrook Dr has been on the list for more than 7 years and now has 96 patches in the roadway from Old Hooper to the end of Tunesbrook. People can’t even walk down this street . How long does it take before this work gets done???

  • Kym Magnavita

    Cedar Bridge Rd at the intersection of Brick Blvd really needs to be fixed. There are potholes there right at the light so when the light turns green if your in the middle lane theres no way around them cause there are cars on either side of you. This is a busy main road.

  • KaayC


  • Tim Sharkey

    Can we get Route 70 and Chambersbridge Rd intersection repaired? Yes it is a State Highway, but when they installed the new wiring under the road for the switch boxes under Route 70 they created 2 speed bumps. Knocks the wheel out of my hands every morning and can only imagine what it is doing to everyone’s vehicles hitting them at 50 mph.