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Accident-Prone Brick Intersection to Get New Traffic Light

The intersection of Route 70 and Olden Street, Brick, N.J. (Credit: Google Maps)
The intersection of Route 70 and Olden Street, Brick, N.J. (Credit: Google Maps)

An intersection that has been the scene of 50 traffic accidents over the past three years is about to get some increased attention from the state Department of Transportation.

Most Brick residents know the intersection of Route 70 and Olden Street after a visit to the nearby Home Depot store. At the intersection, one side of Route 70 is the site of a jug handle while the other side is Olden Street, which runs between routes 70 and 88.

“If you have two cars in front of you, you’re not making it through the green light,” said Mayor John Ducey, referring to traffic making a left onto Route 70.


The issue with the intersection is the fact that traffic heading straight onto the Olden Street – towards the shopping center and Route 88 – takes up nearly the entire light cycle, so motorists on the opposite side making a left often find themselves stuck in the middle of the road, or sitting through multiple light cycles since there is never a chance to turn.

After a recommendation by the Brick Township Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit – which studied the intersection after Ducey forwarded complaints from residents – local and state officials agreed that a left turn signal should be placed there.

The cost of switching the traffic signals at the intersection is $108,000, Ducey said. Of that amount, Brick is responsible for 20 percent, or $21,600.

“Anybody who’s been through that intersection knows it’s been needed, and with 50 accidents, I’m sure a lot of people have been hurt there too,” said Ducey.

The township council on Tuesday night approved an agreement between the municipal government and the state to allow the project to move forward.

  • Beach N8iv

    $108,000? To upgrade a traffic light? That seems a little high to me. Maybe if there wasn’t one there to begin with but the poles are already in place.

  • Debra Saltarelli Meisch

    Seriously, $108,000! Are you switching the light or rebuilding the intersection?

    • Blak Jezuz

      Unions. Union labor costs drive up the price of everything they get their hands on.

  • Kieth Stone

    Simply, change the timing so that Olden St. traffic gets an extended green!
    Also, The left lane of the jughandle should be a dedicated left turn lane.
    15 minutes of reprogramming and a little paint!
    50 bucks!

  • Cosmo J Occhiogrosso

    Easy solution. No left turn onto 70 and people will go to 88 and make a left. A couple of signs and you are done.

    • Blak Jezuz

      That’s too easy. No kick back money in it.

  • BlueBomberTurbo

    How bout fixing the cluster*ck that is Shoprite parking lot? I almost die every time I enter from Chambers Bridge. Literally. I was T-boned by an old lady a few weeks ago, and almost T-boned again by a dump truck the next time I was there. Neither wanted to stop at a stop sign, despite the fact that traffic coming in is the only direction that has full right of way.

  • Smokin

    Someone is related…change no left turn …new signs …save the $$$ to off set taxes