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Brick PD to Acquire Former Coast Guard Boat

A 25-foot Defender-class response boat. (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)
A 25-foot Defender-class response boat. (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

Brick officials signed off Tuesday night on the purchase of a former U.S. Coast Guard vessel which will be used by the Brick Township Police Department’s marine unit.

The boat is a 25-foot response boat of the Defender class, which are still in use by the Coast Guard across the nation, including at the Manasquan Inlet and Barnegat Light stations in Ocean County. Built by SAFE Boats International, the Defenders are high-speed, rigid-hull aluminum boats that have twin engines and can travel up to 46 knots (52 m.p.h.). Though similar in appearance to an inflatable boat, its collar is made of rigid polyethylene foam.

The boat, a 2010 model that includes the boat, motors and trailer, will be acquired for $40,000, said Mayor John Ducey.


Councilman Jim Fozman said Chief James Riccio requested the boat as an upgrade to the department’s current fleet since the Defender is capable of operating in rough weather. Fozman said the boat will be funded through the township’s capital budget, using dollars that were saved by way of other projects being completed for less than expected.

  • Surfrider

    I think this is a good idea, living on the water, and witnessing all the abusive marine operators( 80% PWC operators) who do not obey simple Marine laws such as NoWake/slowsspeed buoys, staying 200′ off docks, staying 200′ off marsh land, safety and hurting the marine life in fresh water river inlets, killing off eel grass in shallow areas are some issues they are up against. Kettle Creek suffers heavily from these activities and unfortunately, the State doesn’t seem to care too much.

    • Glenn

      add the Metedeconk to the list too.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I’m not sure we need to have a boat like this for seasonal and weekend marine operations….there will be an added cost to maintain this thing….how many police boats are already out there with the coast guard…state police…and other municipalities…we need a boat…but maybe this is too much boat for what we need…..why do we need to have police out ther in storms

  • Surfrider

    You bring up good points FR…It is certainly over kill for things I was mentioning which needed attention, but this town has more police than we can afford for sure already. From what I understand, they have a sergeant and maybe 4 officers now in the “marine Unit” and i think 2 boats, one which is the Boston Whaler which I have seen back on Kettle Creek, maybe once each on sat and sun, but not enough over here. I believe they “patrol” or go out on calls Thurs Fri Sat and Sun. They need to hang out and nail the crazies. The town could make a lot of money in tickets! Its all over! Everyone talks about it, but nothing gets done about it! The abuse is unbelievable. Too bad they cannot deputize citizens like they used to do in the old cowboy days! Wouldn’t be as much cost involved!