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Streets to be Repaved, Improved in Lakewood Gardens Neighborhood

Lakewood Gardens (Credit: Google Maps)
Lakewood Gardens (Credit: Google Maps)

Brick Township has awarded a $455,144 contract for the repaving and minor improvements to the drainage system on several streets in the Lakewood Gardens neighborhood.

The neighborhood, located between Burrsville Road and Route 88, will be repaved by Lucas Brother Construction, of Morganville.

The streets to be paved include: Leah Court, Crawford Avenue, Green Grove Road, Jay Avenue, Jacqueline Avenue and Bradley Avenue.


Bids for construction were well under an engineer’s estimate, Ducey said, thanks to work stoppages on state roads since projects funded through the Transportation Trust Fund have been halted due to an impasse over a gas tax increase.

“These guys have employees who they want to keep employed,” said Ducey. “Hopefully we’ll keep on getting these great prices.”

  • KaayC

    We in Northern Cedarcroft recieved letters a month ago stating the same. However all that has been done is three large water mains were brought in on a flatbed and abandoned for three weeks they have just sat there obstructing traffic flow. What is the anticipated start and completion dates on Cedarcroft please? This is vtal basic information we need know. I plan to leave town til its over. Omg.

  • J W

    Never knew that was called Lakewood Gardens. I’ve just been calling it Burrsville my whole life.