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Brick to Acquire New Ambulance, Search and Rescue Vehicle

A BAE Systems Caiman vehicle, similar to one Brick will be receiving for free. (Credit: BAE Systems)
A BAE Systems Caiman vehicle, similar to one Brick will be receiving for free. (Credit: BAE Systems)

Brick will soon acquire two new emergency vehicles – including one which will come free of cost.

The township council this week approved the purchase of a Ford F-450 ambulance from a governmental purchasing cooperative for $173,000. The new ambulance will replace an older vehicle that is no longer in operation, Council President Paul Mummolo said.

Additionally, Brick will receive a search and rescue vehicle under a federal surplus program. The vehicle is a 2012 Caiman model 6×6 military search and rescue vehicle produced by BAE Systems.


The township will receive the vehicle for free under a federal military surplus program. The Caimans, used in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, are being offered to local governments for use as search and rescue vehicles – especially in areas subject to flooding. The vehicle, new, cost about $412,000.

  • KaayC

    Isn’t that something.

    • Beach N8iv

      Something? Yeah, it’s something, not a search and rescue vehicle, but something.

  • Frank Rizzo

    It’s a tank…not a search and rescue vehicle…and it costs a lot of money to maintain once they give it to you….they should spend the money and buy a more civilian police version of an armored car that is practical for what they need it for. They do a lot of drug work and raids…they need one…but this is a bit too much

  • Smokin

    Wow taxpayers get a break ..

  • Chief Wahoo

    That’s an MRAP. And it’s used in WAR. Bunch of LIARS !!!! You sheep should NEVER allow one of these inside your town. Fools !!!!!

    • J W

      I rarely agree with you Chief, but had I said this was to make the police into a military unit to do war with the people, they’d all call me a black racist or something. Giving these things to police departments is a mistake. They just end up using them in places like Ferguson where peaceful protesters get gassed and shot with rubber bullets and then run down with trucks like this. Amerikkkan excpetionalism at its finest!

      • Goodgrief

        There was rioting and looting in Ferguson.

      • J W

        Not until after the cops started attacking crowds and journalists with this stuff. Oh, and killing youth in the street with their hands up and leaving them to rot on the pavement for 4 hours and not having the courtesy to tell his mom. You wonder why the people fight back? When they come like this the message is clear- we are the enemy.

  • Goodgrief

    Almost half a million dollars for a truck. No wonder our income taxes are so much. The military must have thousands of these things at that price. This one is only a 2012 and they got rid of it already!

  • Surfrider

    The police have pushed the envelope on this one and the rest of the council and mayor went along. This vehicle is ridiculous at a local level. Plus they want to hire 4-5 more police, come on, the taxes in this town are already ridiculous. We have a military reserve for things like this, or if it is necessary, we have county and state anti terrorist units. The local police should just be for the a-typical law breaking, and leave the heavier stuff to the military and state. Our police are 165 strong! C’mon, WE CANNOT AFFORD MORE TAX HIKES ! Another vehicle that will sit outside in the back of the town hall with the other hummers that do not get used. Did you see the new vehicle over at the fire dept on Drumpoint? Check that baby out, and it just sits outside, who knows how much that cost?! Some kind of “search and underwater” vehicle. I wish this town had too much “savings” problems instead of “spending” problems.