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Brick’s Sea Wall Exposed by Waves Stirred by Hermine


As waves stirred up by Tropical Storm Hermine continued to lash local beaches Tuesday, a portion of the steel sea wall protecting Brick’s oceanfront has, again, been exposed.

The sea wall is supposed to be covered by a 22 foot-high vegetated dune and act as a second-line defense from storms, but legal wrangling over easements have prevented the dunes from being built. Thus the wall – which was covered before the 2016 summer season – was acting as the only barrier between homes and roadways and the ocean.

The wall was exposed near Jeannette Drive in the Normandy Beach section, and significant cliffs were present throughout the neighborhood. The wall was not exposed at Brick Beach III or Brick Beach I.

  • KaayC

    Let the dimwits holding this project up pay for replenishments!

  • MP Gerrity

    Brick would be wise to reconsider installing structural engineered controls along the Barrier Island (BI) that will require constant upkeep. Jetties taught us that lesson many years ago. Nature never intended BIs to be developed the way they now are and continue to be. We are now living with climate change. The keyword is adaptability. Houses on stilts and walls in sand are not adapting, they are creative ways of avoiding the obvious. Restore the shore means just that. Barrier Islands are naturally formed to protect the mainland and create a living estuary. The estuary is more important than most folks realize. We would all be better served to educate ourselves on the function of barrier islands before we go throwing good money, that many of us do not have, into the ocean.