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Car Dealership Proposed for Burnt Tavern Road Lot

The site of a proposed car dealership at 949 Burnt Tavern Road, Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)
The site of a proposed car dealership at 949 Burnt Tavern Road, Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)

A automotive dealer has proposed a new dealership to be built on a mostly-vacant lot off Burnt Tavern Road, according to a filing with the Brick Township Board of Adjustment.

AAM Auto Sales, which operates All American Mazda in Brick and All American Ford in Point Pleasant Borough – formerly the Weisleder family of dealerships – has filed an application with Brick’s zoning board seeking permission to build an automotive dealership with sales and service portions at 949 Burnt Tavern Road.

The lot, situated just east of the Buy Rite liquor store, CVS pharmacy and Anchor Concrete facility, is 5.4 acres and is currently vacant except for a small dwelling structure. In order to construct a car dealership on the site, All American will need a use variance from the board, since the property is located in the M-1 light industrial zone, where automotive dealerships are not an allowed use.


The application filed with the Board of Adjustment does not detail plans for the site, rather, it simply asks the board to grant the use variance so the full facility can be proposed separately.

Shorebeat sent an e-mail and placed a call to the general manager of All American Mazda and All American Ford seeking comment, but did not receive a response. It is unknown which car manufacturer the company is planning to represent, or if one of its existing dealerships further east on Burnt Tavern Road is moving.

The case will be heard by the Board of Adjustment during the Oct. 5 meeting, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the township municipal complex.

  • Glenn

    Then buy it and preserve it.

  • meok1521

    Because god forbid we have ANY undeveloped land in Brick.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Then again we can build a temple there and make it walkable for a certain group that needs at least two acres to do that.

  • Smokin

    Why do they need that property when there on Bridge ave….Why build more when brick is loaded with empty buildings all over town…Just out of control..

  • Glenn

    Why not ask AAM to move it?

  • Glenn

    Can’t legally do.

  • J W

    The western half of the property is a wet land/seasonal creek. As near as I can tell, the swamp/artesian wells there are at least part of the source to the Sawmill Creek/Pond. In bad storms, that thing has flooded Burnt Tavern Road right there. The pedestrian bridges on the trail that cut over the seasonal swamp/now dry creek beds get their water from that patch of dirt. Paving it over- literally all of it in this case- is a bad idea, shouldn’t be allowed by the DEP and will only create a parking lot which is flooded most of the fall, winter, spring and in wet summers. Even if they could drain it, the subsidence would be huge and probably crack foundations and macadam, not that anyone could engineer a passive drain with that much capacity. This is a bad idea worthy of the bad idea hall of fame.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Tear down the old pathmark complex and do it there….do it on the food town lot….plenty of places to build it without ruining trees.

  • SB

    Really?? They can’t find anywhere else to build a car dealer in Brick? *thumbs down*