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Guilty Verdict for Man Accused of Bizarre Brick Bank Robbery

Michael D. Gibson (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Michael D. Gibson (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

An Ocean County jury has found a man accused of robbing a Brick Township bank last fall guilty on numerous counts related to the crime.

Michael D. Gibson, 23, of Toms River, faces up to 25 years in prison in the attempted robbery of the TD Bank branch on Beaverson Boulevard in Brick that took place Oct. 6, 2015. The incident garnered national attention because of the fact that Gibson, who was later found to be brandishing a black Airsoft gun, approached the bank entrance at about 5:30 p.m. but discovered the doors were locked at the time since employees were getting ready to close for the day.

The fact that the bank was closed led Gibson, who admitted his role in the incident to detectives after he was caught a short time later, to use a renunciation defense, claiming he abandoned the robbery before it took place. Jurors, however, rejected the theory and convicted Gibson of first degree robbery and third degree possession of an imitation firearm.


The trial, held in Toms River, included testimony from the officers who located the blue Toyota pickup truck in which Gibson fled the scene, as well as bank employees. The concerned citizen who spotted the vehicle also provided testimony.

The state’s case was presented by Assistant Prosecutor Ashley Tito, who was assisted by Supervising Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Sheehan.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I do not recall the national attention this had. Either way it was game on given his intent….

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    It’s time to drive the criminals out of Brick, especially the heroin dealers. Make it not worth their time and effort to do illicit business in Brick If the criminals realize doing business in Brick comes with hard time, they might go somewhere else. Just look at this guy, he didn’t even set foot in the bank and was convicted GOOD!

    • Frank Rizzo

      I agree…stop any motor vehicle the police can…let the good people off with a warning…hammer the bad out with tickets….make people think before they come to town….make the bad leave for Asbury and other safe havens

  • Goodgrief

    I guess trying to rob a closed bank is not very good form for a budding bank robber.