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Brick 24 Hour Fitness Club to Close

Treadmills/Gym (Photo: David Woo/ Flickr)
Treadmills/Gym (Photo: David Woo/ Flickr)

A local fitness club will be closing its doors next months.

According to an e-mail sent to members, obtained by Brick Shorebeat, Brick 24 Hour Fitness, located at 193 Chambers Bridge Road, will close for good Nov. 18.

“The decision to close was a difficult one, as it has truly been our privilege to serve the community,” the e-mail stated.


All memberships will be discontinued after the Nov. 18 closing date. Members who haveĀ unused paid time remaining, including any unused personal training sessions, will be issued a refund within 30 days after the date of closing, the e-mail said.

Members will also have the option of transferring their membership to another club in the 24 Hour Fitness network. According to the company’s website, the nearest location to Brick is in Clark, Union County.

  • realcheeseyo

    That gym could be so nice if someone took the time to actually take care of it. It was run down when Bally’s sold it to 24 hour fitness and they didn’t do anything but raise the price when they took over. In 3 years they never even put up a 24 hour fitness sign.

    • meok1521

      Yup I was happy when they took it over because I thought they’d fix it up a little. When I got the message that it was going up to $25/month I said see ya later. Not when I can go someplace way nicer for less than $20.

      • meok1521

        BTW it *wishes* it looked like the photo. LOL!

  • shorekitten

    And the confusion behind a gym called 24 Hour Fitness – with a Bally’s sign out front and is not open 24 hours – kind of contradictory there isn’t it?

    • realcheeseyo

      Funny thing is they got a real 24 hour fitness sign delivered and it sat in the building for a few weeks until it disappeared.

  • Smokin

    Place was dirty..and too many other fitness places and cheaper in area..

  • xanadude

    Funny… I never received the email. Jerks!