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Brick Has Stopped Accepting ‘E-Waste’ at Recycling Center

E-waste in a disposal carrier. (Photo: Mosman Council/ Flickr)
E-waste in a disposal carrier. (Photo: Mosman Council/ Flickr)

Brick has joined the growing number of local communities to stop accepting “e-waste” disposed by residents.

The township has long had a large container at the recycling center on Ridge Road that was filled with old televisions, computers and other electronic items. The service has been discontinued, township officials said, due to the rising cost of disposing of the waste. Likewise, pickup of electronic items at the curbside has been discontinued.

“The elimination of E-Waste collection was necessitated by the rising costs to dispose of electronic items,” the township said in a statement. “At one time, the township generated revenue through E-Waste collection. Over recent years, the service began costing the township money.”


Brick is the latest Shore community to end its e-waste disposal collection. Last month, Lavallette discontinued its service as well, and began charging a fee for home collection. John O. Bennett, that town’s administrator, said governments are charged $570 per load to drop off equipment.

Residents may still dispose of E-Waste at the Ocean County Recycling Center, 691 New Hampshire Avenue, Lakewood Township.

  • Beach N8iv

    Still plenty of wooded areas and, thanks to Sandy, vacant lots around town. Look behind stores for easy to use dumpsters as well.

    • Glenn

      Gosh you’re a wealth of illegal solutions.

      • Beach N8iv

        You have a better idea?

      • Mike Morton

        Put it in your car and drive a couple additional miles to New Hampshire Ave,

      • Beach N8iv

        No, the Township needs to be held accountable. The tax rate is obscene and we get very little in return. I remember them holding us all hostage with threats of ending garbage collection if we didn’t knuckle under and allow them to increase our taxes without complaint. The rulers need to be shown what is and isn’t acceptable behavior.

  • Paul Hanrahan

    This will force people to dump items in the woods and other vacant places causing a greater clean up problem down the road.

  • Smokin

    It will be dumped in lots ,abandoned land , or just left in front of homes till someone takes them

  • Glenn

    Really folks, do you think that the people that drove to Ridge Rd to dispose of a TV will now just dump them somewhere instead of taking them to Lakewood?

  • J W

    I always took it to the county anyway. I didn’t now the Brick dump ever took e-waste. I know they take paint cans and everything else.