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Brick Officials: Diocese, Not Township, Ordered Shutdown of Visitation Relief Center

Visitation Relief Center (File Photo)
Visitation Relief Center (File Photo)

The Catholic Diocese of Trenton – not the township – decided to shut down the Visitation Relief Center this week, Brick Mayor John Ducey said.

The relief center, which was created during Superstorm Sandy and grew to become a major hub for local charitable efforts, never received a certificate of occupancy or various operating permits, but the township, Ducey said, was working with the organization to bring the building into compliance. But a land use official from the diocese told the township on Friday to cancel an inspection set for Oct. 26.

“He came here from Trenton, went out there himself, and then he called downstairs to cancel the inspection, saying there was no work that was done so they were going to fail,” said Ducey.


The center housed groups that distributed food, clothing, construction supplies and other items for those in need. It also housed an environmental cleanup group as well as the offices for Save Barnegat Bay. The center was located in Colony Farm Market building, adjacent to Visitation Roman Catholic Church.

Though township officials say they did not order the closure – Ducey said he personally attended a fundraiser for the center last week – the building has had permit issues dating back years.

“There were a number of violations dating back to 2013 that were never taken care of,” said Ducey.

Apparently, he said, work that was required to be completed for the building to be issued a certificate of occupancy were never performed.

“The diocese was concerned about the safety of the tenants, the workers, the people who volunteer and the people who come there for their services,” said Ducey.

A VRC coordinator did not respond to a request from Shorebeat for comment. A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Trenton was not immediately available.

  • blackdog

    UGH. It’s all politics to me!!!!!

  • Roberta Staples Cartwright

    UGH.. Again the Almighty church has decided to close something that the people really need. And don’t give the BS that the Diocese can’t afford to fix it. THE CHURCH DOES NOT PAY TAXES. Have a feeling we’ll be seeing some housing going up there in the next year.

    • Blak Jezuz

      Did you even bother to read the whole article? Had you read it you would realize not one statement in your post is accurate.

      • Roberta Staples Cartwright

        Yes, I did read the entire article. Nowhere does it say they will fix the problems. And maybe I know a little more than the article states.

  • Blak Jezuz

    It IS CLEAR since I read the article, the Diocese will fix the problems before requesting the needed inspection, get the C of O, and be back up and running soon.

    I know that because I read the whole article.

  • Smokin

    Sad this place did a great job in the past and now no one helping to keep it open…something is wrong here …

  • ThatGuy

    Meanwhile, next door in Lakewood 100’s of Church/Temple related properties do whatever the hell they want with no concern of CO’s

  • Chief Wahoo

    Job well done by the public takers doing what they do best. Producing NOTHING !!!!