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Brick to Appoint Special Code Enforcement Prosecutor

Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)
Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)

Brick officials are continuing crack down on derelict properties in the township, and are seeking to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the cases coming through the municipal court system.

Mayor John Ducey said the prosecutor, who has not yet been named, will focus only on property maintenance cases and will present cases during a dedicated court session. Newly-appointed Municipal Court Judge Joseph Grisanti has agreed to hear a docket consisting exclusively of property maintenance cases once per month – on the fourth Monday at 9 a.m.

The new prosecutor will be an attorney who specializes in land use, according to officials. The reason for creating the special calendar is so the prosecutor and judge can focus squarely on land use issues, instead of mixing them with cases involving traffic tickets, drunk driving offenses and minor crimes normally held in municipal court.


“That prosecutor’s focus is going to be on property maintenance issues, and the judge’s focus is going to be exclusively on property maintenance issues,” said Ducey.

The township council agreed to seek proposals for the position last week.

Brick officials, in recent years, have been proactively tacking property maintenance issues, forming a Property Maintenance Board which hears cases, issues repair orders and can even order demolitions of buildings that are abandoned.

  • Hillary for Prison

    Anyone else in town notice township water tasting strange lately?

    • KaayC

      No, I haven’t. That isn’t to say it hasn’t changed. Have you inquired w. BTMUA water dept.?

  • Smokin

    So this is a added position or replacement ?

    • This will be an addition to the regular prosecutor on a contract basis.

      • Smokin

        Has there ever been a separate position in there past ?? I don’t recall is just a added cost to taxpayers ..

      • I do not believe it was ever a separate position in the past. It is an added cost, however residents will have to be the judge as to whether the cost is worth it. The township is more aggressively going after homeowners/banks whose properties are in disrepair and bringing down the character and property values of neighboring homes. The Property Maintenance Board is hearing cases frequently and has ordered numerous demolitions. The thinking is that the township needs a prosecutor who specializes in land use to tackle these cases during a special court session.

        Yes, it is an added cost, however there is work being performed that was not being performed in the past.

  • Chief Wahoo

    So this so called prosecutor will be taking on the banksters correct ??

  • KaayC

    I am happy to hear this, and think it most welcomed. I do hope town codes will be enforced. Too many homeowners have flagrant disregard for their properties. In some instances there may be just cause, in other instances I think it is pure laziness. I continue to be a fan of Mr. Ducey’s common sense approach to tackeling town issues. Kudos.

  • KaayC

    How long is an abandoned home allowed to stay empty? We have one that has been vacant for about a decade. The bank does pay to get the grass cut, after many complaints from nearby residents. I don’t get why they don’t cut their losses and sell at a discount rather than let the house sit vacant year after year. This property was a victim of the financial crises, way before Storm Sandy. It had been renovated before the financial crises by owners looking to flip it. Unfortunately they had no takers. Crazy how someone could call it home, while it sits idle all this time.