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Cops: Man Captured With 910 Bags of Heroin at Ocean County Mall

Iquan Small (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Iquan Small (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

A local man is facing drug charges after being found with 910 bags of heroin, police said.

The arrest occurred as the Toms River Police Department’s Special  Enforcement Team was conducting surveillance in the parking lot of the Ocean County Mall, said Ralph Stocco, police spokesman. During this surveillance, members of the unit saw an individual they recognized as Iquan Small pull into the  parking lot, according to Stocco.

Small, 23 of Sumner Avenue in Seaside Heights, was known to have an active warrant for his arrest and officers approached his vehicle.  Small was placed under arrest on the strength of the warrant, and in his possession were 160 wax folds of heroin, Stocco said.  Additionally, Small’s vehicle was searched which resulted in the seizure of an additional 15 bricks – 750 wax folds, according to Stocco.


The estimated street value of the heroin is over $5,000, according to police.

Small was charged with possession of heroin and possession of over one half ounce of heroin with the intent to distribute in the second degree.  He is being held in in the Ocean County Jail in lieu of $100,000 cash bail.

  • Frank Rizzo

    From small things come bigger arrests

  • Goodgrief

    Iquan Small had 910 bags of heroin to sell. I would classify him as an established dealer.

  • east coast resident

    This arrest resulted from a traffic ticket warrant. And you have a movement to not “harass” law breakers for minor offenses. If it wasn’t for the traffic ticket, this guy would have been able to sell his poison to a lot of users, creating more crime and maybe overdose deaths. I say, let the police do their job, instead of being Monday morning quarterbacks and blaming the police, if some one gets hurt in the process of arrest. The world is not perfect. Some people arrested might get hurt, if they act suspiciously. But, arrests for quality of life have made a big difference in fighting crime