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Election 2016 – Live Results for Brick, County and State Races


Live Results – Election 2016

Color Codes: Republican | Democratic | Independent

Presidential Vote by County:


Brick Township Board of Education:

  • Walter Campbell: 5,354 / 13.30%
  • Madeline Colagiovanni-Iannarone: 6,184 / 15.36%
  • Daisy Haffner: 11,403 / 28.32%
  • Melita Gagliardi: 9,944 / 24.70%
  • John J. O’Rourke: 4,881 / 12.12%
  • Victor Finamore: 2,386 / 5.93%


Ocean County Sheriff/Freeholders:


  • Michael Mastronardy: 133,565 / 65.94%
  • Sal Ottaviano: 61,818 / 28.30%
  • Michael G. Osborn: 11,581 / 5.30%


  • John P. “Jack” Kelly: 131,773 / 31.25%
  • Virginia “Ginny” Haines: 133,001 / 31.54%
  • Ed Wolff: 74,150 / 17.59%
  • Michael B. Cooke: 70,426 / 16.70%
  • John J. Novak: 12,163 / 2.88%

Third Congressional District:

NJ Ballot Questions:

  • African-Americans for Trump

    Hillary for Prison

  • African-Americans for Trump

    J W you can leave the country now with your Hollyweird freak show liberal friends.

    • J W

      Why? More people voted for Clinton than Trump.The worthless piece of trash has no right to govern. And you people have no future- your minority will forever shink. Hope you like having a lame duck Trump president in a few months- he’ll be removed from office somehow sooner or later. You people are the losers.

      • Trump for President


      • J W

        Hope you like how Trump will ruin the country. You’re responsible for him now. And he still got fewer votes than that our RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

      • Trump for President

        Take away the illegal alien votes and the forged ballots and the dead people votes and Hillary loses popular vote also.

      • J W

        More imaginary schizoid crap from Trumpland. You people are deranged.

      • KaayC

        You’re not such a good soothsayer J. You told us to be ready to say Madame President for first Hillary and then Michele. Don’t be a sore loser. Also dont believe the pablum ABC News spoon-feeds us. Trump is a businessman who broke every pollster prediction. If not willing to give it a go, pack a sweater because Canada is cold. Say hello to Cher and DiNero if you go that route. Popular vote has never been the system. Not when Al Gore ran and not now. If that were the case, the entire country would be wagged by California. These protesters are a disgrace, if the vote had gone the other way, the Hillary crew would have been the first to tsk tsk. any backlash. I for one am grateful that at least we didnt have some stupid hanging chad fiasco.

      • Goodgrief

        Your racism is out of control.

      • J W

        Racism is the filth Trump spews. And you people love it because you want us exterminated.

        Thanks for imposing a pedophile serial rapist boot licker of a foreign dictator on a country that did not vote for him. You people are unpatriotic and unAmerican.

  • J W

    White supremacy is alive, but we all knew that already.

  • J W

    200,000 more people voted for Clinton than Trump, but in the greatest democracy on earth, we get stuck with a psychotic loser like Trump.

  • Trump for President

    Hillary and JW both got tea bagged by the trumpanzees