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Ex-Brick CFO Got Raise After Moving to BTMUA Job

The Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, BTMUA (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, BTMUA (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The person who served as Brick’s chief financial officer for about six weeks before taking the same position at the Brick Township Municipal Authority got a salary increase by doing so.

John Clifford, a Northfield resident who previously served as CFO of Middle Township, Cape May County, was appointed Brick’s CFO Aug. 9, but had resigned from the position to serve as CFO of the utilities authority by the end of September.

In his position with the township, Clifford earned $100,000, plus benefits. According to Clifford’s contract with the BTMUA, obtained by Shorebeat through a request under the state’s Open Public Records Act, his new salary is $110,000, which will rise to $116,733 by the final year of the pact.


The contract calls for 2 percent raises each year. It expires Oct. 10, 2020.

Clifford resigned from the township, according to Mayor John Ducey, after interviewing with the MUA, where he replaced longtime CFO Frank Planko. His appointment to the township position proved controversial, after political opponents of Ducey uncovered that Clifford – who was being hired to oversee the township’s finances – had previously filed for bankruptcy in his personal life.

  • Drumpoint

    doesn’t sound like a worthy investment for the town. either way I’d like to believe we could find another for less in these hard times

  • Chief Wahoo

    Another public taker who is morally BANKRUPT.

    • jo jo ormaz

      There’s only two acceptation – ID Theft and a Divorce from someone earning less than $50,000 a year,,,, anything else; I’m not trusting it. if this guy has big earnings and was foolish with his money that’s one thing = Not Applicable.
      Divorce, ID Theft, Loss of job, single, earning less than $50K = acceptable.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Just because the man had a personal bankruptcy doesn’t make the CFO a CFU.

  • Irene Theresa

    You should OPRA to see if the job was ever posted outside the backroom of the Ducey administration. It wasn’t. Congrats to the Bankrupt Kid, he’s doing good with his commute.

  • Irene Theresa

    Even sadder that you had to file an OPRA to see what a public employee is making. Another Ducey Shell Game.

  • Smokin

    Same game just different faces

  • Smokin

    BS in Brick continues ..I still remember there running slogan few years back we will stop patronage jobs and clean up the coruption in Brick …Truely it’s worse..

    • jo jo ormaz

      OPRA report on all the recent new hires in Brick and look who they all go back to ?
      When the Republicans gave to jobs, they posted the job first and got you the interview you were on your own at that point for a regular job?

  • jo jo ormaz

    Wow get hired for a day in Brick, then resign and get an offer the next day at the MUA !!

    Folks, That has to be the fastest turn around time I ever saw someone get a job in New Jersey?

  • jo jo ormaz

    Folks remember the article Dan or someone posted:

    “The Clean Slate is the brainchild of political consultant Mitch Seim, a
    Democrat operative who owns a political consulting business, ClearEdge
    Political Consulting LLC. Seim and ClearEdge orchestrated the
    successful Democrat takeover of the Toms River School Board, Brick
    School Board and Brick Township municipal council in recent years.”

    Think that answer’s it all folks and look, they have “New Voices” to the “Clean Slate team”

    – Sorry, this will not be another take over this year or next year. who was the mathematician who came up with the tax increase of a few dollars! hey J-Wad in the throne, my friend who’s been in brick 23 years taxes went up $453.00 for a 3 bedroom ranch; they now have to sell their home or go into foreclosure!

    Along with another nice couple of Brick for 15 years are in the same boat, they just listed their home today – congratulations, you are chasing out the families in Brick !

    Thank you Mayor ( Mitch Seim a temporary renter in Brick ) and Thank you Board of Education !!
    We see where all the money is going now, to pay your family and friends!

    Someone contact the State about this nonsense take them all down! The people of Lions Head don’t like what you are doing to them and their friends!