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New Stores Coming to Brick Plaza as Renovation Continues

Brick Plaza (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Plaza (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Plaza’s renovation will continue for months to come, as new stores will join the shopping center where the A&P supermarket once anchored.

A new Ulta beauty supply store has already opened in the plaza, as well as the renovated AMC Theatre, which underwent a significant remodeling of its interior with power recliners, new concessions and reserved seating.  The exterior will undergo further remodel, planned before the end of the year, said Amanda Cheslock, spokeswoman for Federal Realty Investment Trust, the property’s owner.

The next store to open in the plaza will be DSW shoes, which will occupy the space next to Ulta in the former supermarket portion of the property, Cheslock said.


Though company officials would not confirm any other additions, sources with knowledge of the situation have told Shorebeat the shopping center is being eyed by Nordstrom Rack for a future location.

Renovations to the exterior of the plaza will continue after the new year, beginning with work near the Petsmart store, Cheslock said. That work will not pick up until after Jan. 1 since “we did not want to encroach on their business this time of year,” said Cheslock.

There are also new pylon signs at the main entrance and upgraded aesthetics throughout the property.

“Another key element to the renovation to date has been upgrades to what we call place-making,” Cheslock said. “Things like planter beds and ample sidewalk seating to encourage lingering, strolling and just generally, making the aesthetic more welcoming.”

Additional changes and new tenancies will be announced in the future, said Cheslock. The goal of the remodeling project is to make the complex a “preferred destination” for local shopping, she said.

  • KaayC

    We also need a food store! It is all anyone can cope with to get in and out of one of these plazas. Time and traffic no longer allow for doing two. Without a food store, this will not be a viable plaza. If you can food shop you will drop in to see other retailers. If not, people will be too busy playing in Shoprite Plaza traffic. Walmart is NOT a real foodstore. It sells plastic, pretend food. I go to Point Pleasant rather than Brick to food shop, it is just ridiculous to have to do that. Why in the name of all holy is this renovation taking this long? Really at a snail’s pace here at the shore. Kinda at the same pace as these homes being elevated. Never saw so little accomplished in such a long time! The parkway is another example. Too much talk and politics here.