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School Board Majority Expands in Brick


Daisy Haffner and Melita Gagliardi (Campaign Photo)
Daisy Haffner and Melita Gagliardi (Campaign Photo)
The Brick Township Board of Education will have a nearly all-Democrat aligned board after Tuesday’s election, during which Daisy Haffner and Melita Gagliardi both won seats on the seven-member body.

Haffner and Gagliardi, the only candidates who aggressively funded their campaign through mailers and hundreds of roadside campaign signs, won the race by a nearly two-to-one margin. Though board races are technically non-partisan, Haffner and Gagliardi are aligned with the current board majority which has been supported by local Democratic operatives. Only board member Sharon Cantillo will not be aligned with the majority. 

The first runner-up candidate was Madeline Colagiovanni-Iannarone, who won 6,184 votes, or 15.36 percent of the vote. Former board member Walter Campbell won 5,354, or 13.3 percent of the vote. The ticket of John O’Rourke and Victor Finamore, who were tacitly supported by the township’s Republican organization, came in last.


Brick Township Board of Education:

  • Walter Campbell: 5,354 / 13.30%
  • Madeline Colagiovanni-Iannarone: 6,184 / 15.36%
  • Daisy Haffner: 11,403 / 28.32%
  • Melita Gagliardi: 9,944 / 24.70%
  • John J. O‚ÄôRourke: 4,881 / 12.12%
  • Victor Finamore: 2,386 / 5.93%

  • jo jo ormaz

    Wow, How much money was spent? Mr. shorebeat, could you ask all the candidates to show their papers or documents; (you know the money trail). I think the public would love to see those bank statements and funding?
    Hope they know what they are doing?

    • Rthom

      How much money did it take to defeat Joe Sangiovanni? $100?

      • Smokin

        Joe’s gone…and corruption still stands in Brick just new players

      • Smokin

        My guess 40k

    • Smokin

      28k. Paid by Democrats mayor…