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Wawa Store, Panera Bread Restaurant Proposed for Route 70 in Brick

The site on Route 70 where a Wawa and Panera Bread are proposed. (Credit: Google Maps)
The site on Route 70 where a Wawa and Panera Bread are proposed. (Credit: Google Maps)

A development firm has proposed a new Wawa convenience store and gas station as well as what is expected to be a Panera Bread restaurant on Route 70 in Brick Township.

Brick 70 Developers, LLC, has submitted an application to the township’s planning board, seeking permission to construct the 5,585 square foot Wawa store, an associated 12 fuel pump gas station with overhead canopy, and a 4,813 square foot restaurant with a drive-through facility that “may or may not” be a Panera Bread location.

The new development would be constructed at 535 and 545 Route 70, located off the highway’s eastbound lanes across the street from the PC Richard electronics store. It would be located on what is presently a wooded plot of land just south of Duquesne Boulevard.


For the project to move forward, the developer will need to obtain a use variance since convenience stores, gas stations and quick-service restaurants are not allowed in “split zone” which consists of land zoned for office and residential use. The developer is also seeking several minor, bulk variances for issues such as setbacks, signage and parking requirements.

A hearing on the application is scheduled for Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. before the Board of Adjustment. The hearing will be held at the township municipal complex on Chambers Bridge Road.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Wawa has a program, if a person finds them a location that would be a great place to build a Wawa and they do, you get some cash. I found such a location and that would be the old Lukoil station that has been abandoned for years and the motel right next door to it is for sale, if one combined the properties there would be enough room for a Super Wawa.. So I wrote Wawa about it, months later we saw people in white cars taking pictures of the Lukoil and the motel and that was it. Nothing more that was about three years ago. This spring there was an article in the paper that Lukoil was going to refurbish the station located on the corner of RT88 and Jordan Road, they were going to turn it into a Super Wawa type business model and then nothing. Before anything else in Brick is built, something has to be done about that Lukoil! It’s been abandoned for at least five years. it’s an eyesore and the motel next door which is more the old fashioned cabin type motel, is nothing but a Section 8 habitat. So before one more station is built, do something about that Lukoil! Force Lukoil to sell it or do what they said they were going to do with the property!

    • Mike Gant

      I thought WaWa was going to build on Brick Blvd. where they just tore down the old bank and the Tile store.

      • Mike Morton

        Its a Quick Chek (basically the same thing)

      • Mike Gant

        Oh thats right. I forgot it was quick check. I saw the sign. Yea still more of this crap we dont need.

    • Mike Morton

      You make a good point. Seems to me that that area would make more sense given the existing Wawa and Costco gas stations and the new Quick Chek on 70 which I assume will have a gas station. Use an existing vacant property instead of ripping up more of the rare trees on 70.

    • Smokin

      What about Foodtown lot …not big enough could even put another DD or Starbucks…with it ..

      • Joseph Woolston Brick

        The Foodtown lot is a boondoggle. It’s hard to get in and out of, every retail store that has been there has gone out of business because of the traffic pattern. They should make a park out of it and be done with it.

      • Smokin

        Park would be a great idea I agree..but Mayor will never let that happen they have to much money involved with purchase and being sued by builder ..

      • African-Americans for Trump

        Be a good place for a chop chop burger.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Bricktucky is #2 in the state for most vacant retail spaces. But that doesn’t stop the greedy and the corrupt from making Bricktucky a parking lot.

  • Nancy Fullerton-DeLuca

    BRICK stop cutting down trees for more stores that will become vacant! Fill the ones we have, come on already!!!!!!

  • Smokin

    Wow across from PC Richard’s same area where they complained about parking problem …just think about traffic and parking now with in and out cars from WAWA. And plaza …it just got worse !

    • jo jo ormaz

      no parking problems on Brick Boulevard, or Drum point road?

  • Roberta Staples Cartwright

    Seriously !!!! FILL THE VACANT BUILDINGS !! Brick would look a whole lot nicer if you left the open space and cleaned up the piece of crap buildings and vacant house. Brick government really needs to listen to the people that pay their salaries. Want to make up tax revenue – make these companies revamp the vacant properties for their businesses. Like let’s do something with the old WOW.

    • jo jo ormaz

      WHy hasn’t the Mayor offered an Incentive and market it? Oh wait, he could create another non published job opening for $50 – 80K a year plus $35K in health care benefits for a few of his Friends to do the marketing. He should contact his Best Buddy – brainchild of political consultant Mitch Seim, a Democrat operative who
      owns a political consulting business, ClearEdge Political Consulting
      How many times does he walk in and get permits pulled for his friends like the condo next door to him. How many people are waiting on permits in Brick? How many months does it take ? But some people can walk in and get it done in minutes.

  • ttstorm69

    how about just using the old foodtown lot it’s already there!

    • jo jo ormaz

      Future condo site as talked about, apparently another “Investor” bought that land too. But first, they are going to build across from Walgreens on Jack Martin first.

  • east coast resident

    The variance should be refused. Why change a variance from residential or office to another gas station is beyond me. Let’s all be at that meeting and voice our opposition. Brick does not need another mall. We have enough. If nothing fits them, then, don’t come. No big deal. What do they pay? like $8.00 an hour. We don’t need them, unless they renovate an already existing building and if they have to, tear it down. Keep our trees

    • KaayC


  • African-Americans for Trump

    You people are ignorant! Obviously you don’t know the differences between private property and public properties.

  • D M

    Guessing Quick Check going up in the cluster of 70 n Hooper is making Wawa nervous

    • jo jo ormaz

      go look at who owns the land and Who Owns the franchise…. WaWa’s are corporate owned. There’s no franchise, but if your an LLC investor – you can buy a Quick Check especially if you “Own the land”

      • D M

        actually Family owned

  • ThatGuy

    The vast majority of empty buildings are still paying taxes. Just bc
    the business is gone doesn’t mean the building owner went bankrupt. Property taxes still get paid.

    Its counter intuitive but it makes more fiscal sense to encourage new
    building and new ratables then it does to force developers to fill
    vacant buildings that are already paying taxes. I’m not saying its right, but that’s the logic.

  • African-Americans for Trump

    Cars pulling in and out of the new quick check parking lot 24 hours a day is going to make driving in that area even more fun and exciting. Can’t wait

    • KaayC

      Absolutely stark raving nuts! There is blood on the hands of town admin. for the deaths that will be certain to occur with this travesty Quick Check location. I hope residents boycott it.

      • Joseph Woolston Brick

        That corner is another one of Brick’s traffic headaches, just like the Foodtown lot. The only business that has survived there is the Tile Store, The original Burger Chef and the Bank went out of business after they widened RT 70 which also killed all the retail stores in the Foodtown lot.

      • KaayC

        I think it will be more than a headache. I am truly getting phobic about negotiating this unworkable hodgepodge of crazy building and dangerous roadways. Businesses can’t make a dime from those afraid to leave their homes. How do the elderly cope with this?

  • J W

    Just what we need- another chain store.

  • jo jo ormaz

    you have to look close at this, Paramount Properties own the property and working with AKA call sign – Brick 70 Developers, LLC.

    Think about it.! they know that the people of Lake Rivera is going to refuse it and come out in Hundreds ..

    What do you think will happen next, They own the million dollar vacant lot?

    If they can’t put two well established stores on that property; I guess the only think left is to build another 200-300 condos and low income housing on that lot ! ( guess they’ll be walking along 70 and through Lake Riv to get to all those fine establishments on Brick Boulevard..)
    They did that in Lakewood, a strip mall was refused by the new Quick Check and look- New Townhomes and condos!
    They win ! They get to build their condos if you won’t let them build those two stores.
    I bet you that they are counting on it!

    Speaking of redevelopment, why doesn’t someone look at the Home Depot Lease on 70 and Beaveson. it’s rumored that they are not renewing that lease either where as many of those stores are going vacant? who owns that property with a future site of how many condos coming ? Folks, you have to think about the future not the short term thoughts here.”

    Between Tryko and Paramount and who knows how many LLC corps, they are buying up everything. unless the public has millions, we have to learn to pick and choose our battles carefully.
    We are in Lions Head, WaWa opened around the corner from us, our property values went up just because of the ”Type of Store it is” gas and convenience with a deli.

    We are not talking about a Kraauzers,7-11,Cumberland farms or quick check. Just look at those stores and “What walks through those doors?” just read the news, there’s arrest there quite often? With over 1000 people living in Lions Head, we love our WaWa for many reasons. It’s out number one selling point – there’s a WaWa with gas around the corner.