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Brick Continues Search for ‘Snow Corps’ Volunteers

A snow-covered local street. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A snow-covered local street. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Mayor John Ducey said this week that the township is still seeking volunteers to help clear snow from the homes of elderly and disabled residents this winter.

Ducey’s “Snow Corps”program enlists volunteers who are willing to help their fellow Brick residents clear walkways and driveways of residents who would not normally be able to do so themselves, and are unlikely to be able to afford professional snow removal.

“If youโ€™re able-bodied and able to devote some of your time, our senior citizens could really use your help,” said Councilwoman Marianna Pontoriero. “The cost of shoveling snow, even for my own mother, is out of her budget.”


Once enough volunteers are in place to make the program feasible, the township will create a list of residents who are seeking help.

Anyone who would like to sign up as a volunteer is being asked to call the township at 732-262-4713 to put their name on the list.

  • Wildbill

    Look there is a lot of issues with this idea. Do not get me wrong it’s a get idea how ever the way they want it done it’s not correct. My main issue is that if you get hurt while doing you are fucked the town will not help you. That right there is a red flag. The other issue is that you can’t enter the house which I get and all but what happens if you got to take a shit. Do you shit yourself. Honestly they can’t take tips which I get but it’s going to happen.

    • KaayC

      You have a way with words there, Bill. Do you kiss your mum with that mouth?

      • Wildbill

        Have you seen what they want. I mean I’m not trying to steer anyone way that is willing to do it. But I mean atleast allow them to be covered by workers comp

      • Goodgrief

        I hit the FLAG button on Wildbill’s message. There is no excuse for that language on a public board.

      • Wildbill

        Is bathroom better

      • KaayC

        Yes, I agree.

  • Marley

    Well that’s an outstanding argument right there. He should run for public office. I’m sure he’d win hands down.

  • J W

    This is part of the reason why young kids don’t go door to door offering to shovel snow. Either the professional landscapers do it for a hefty fee with all their expensive equipment or those who are priced out get it done for free.

    • KaayC

      I would hire kids to do it in a New York minute. lol

  • Chief Wahoo

    Funny how the public takers are always wanting volunteers yet they will be PAID to remove snow paid by the taxpayers in salary , benefits and pensions. When EVERY public taker has volunteered to remove snow then I will be next in line to volunteer.
    And councilwoman, why don’t you shovel your mother’s snow yourself !!!!

    • Hillary got schlonged

      They are “public servants”. They sacrifice every day to make all of our meanigless lives better.
      I will shovel all of the Mayor and councils walks and drives for free.
      I know how hard you work to make my life easier.
      we are lucky to have them and their friends and families working like slaves for the rest of us peons.