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Brick Police Warn of Uptick in Thefts From Vehicles

Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)
Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)

Brick police are urging residents to be extra vigilant following a rash of incidents in which items have been taken from vehicles.

“We have noticed a slight increase in thefts from vehicles recently,” said Sgt. Neal Pedersen.

Pedersen said the bulk of the incidents have been “crimes of opportunity” where thieves took items from vehicles that were left unlocked. The department has advised all residents to lock their vehicles, remove or hide any items of value and remember to take car keys after leaving the vehicle. Residents who see suspicious activity should call police.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Ah remember the good old days in Brick when we didn’t have to lock anything, you could go to work and find everything just as you left it. What happened to those days?

    • Tony Ginzo

      Seriously, Joe? Were you here in the 1970’s, because I sure was. And some of the working class white Ginzo kids who moved down here from Paterson and Lodi, and Nutley had no problem breaking into neighborhood cars. Happened JUST AS OFTEN as it does now if not more. I can name names, and many of them spent time in Juvee or worse. So quit the Good Ol’ Days crap. Brick hasn’t changed, but maybe your tolerance for humanity has.

      • J W

        I’ve been saying this for years. Lowlifes around here always come from the boot.

    • Smokin

      Joe those days really weren’t that long ago..things changed when new residents moved in and economy tanked and drugs started to run wild..

  • Mike Gant

    It went away a long time ago just like the rest of the small towns in the country did.

  • Beach N8iv

    These “upticks” you speak of. Are they metric ticks? U.S. customary ticks? Or are these “upticks” as you call them just a sign of poor journalism?

  • Smokin

    Increase in crime around holidays drugs out of control…