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Brick Saving Money After Hiring Electrician, Officials Say

Sprinter 3500 cargo van. (File Photo)
Sprinter 3500 cargo van. (File Photo)

After a resident questioned Brick’s decision to purchase a large work van for its staff electrician this week, officials said the township is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars after moving away from third party electrical services.

The township council on Tuesday voted in favor of purchasing a Sprinter cargo van for $47,931, a price which was questioned by resident George Scott. Council President Paul Mummolo said for the particular size vehicle being purchased – a 3500 Series van – the price is a good one. The discussion led to a short discussion on the township’s electrical work costs over the last several years.

Mayor John Ducey said for years, the township has contracted with electricians to perform work at township facilities. When he first came into office, Brick was utilizing the services of Bahr & Sons Electrical Contractors at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars per year. In the final year of their contract, the firm charged Brick $382,000 for the work performed.


Ducey switched to a new contractor, Antonio Santos, whose company billed the township $190,000. This year, Ducey said, Santos was hired full time as the township’s in-house electrician with an approximate salary of $75,000, plus benefits. He now performs electrical work on a daily basis for the township, and his direct hiring has saved taxpayer dollars, Ducey said.

“He brought some equipment from his business as well, but he did need a van,” said Ducey.

  • Scott

    I am alleays very suspect when I here we are saving 100’s of thousands of dollars. The town says they year made a profit of xxx at the marina last year. As I looked at the “ledger” sheet I did not see a calculation for the 15 million dollar loan the taxpayers of NJ gave to the town.

    • Mike Gant

      We will never get a full and true statement about the Marina. Its going to be buried and glossed over when discussed…

  • Hillary got schlonged

    Very misleading.
    Electricians contracted services would be for labor And material. If an outside electrical contractor installed only 1 $200,000.00 piece of equipment that would not justify the need for an in house electrician.
    The township must already have a maintenance department that does minor electrical work like wiring and lighting.
    Any major electrical utility work would still require outside contractors.
    Smells like friends and family club.

  • ThatGuy

    2 years ago we needed $320k of electrical work and now all that can be done by one man and a van??

    Why not sue the old company that was obviously bilking the town?

    • J W

      Yeah, there are no givsies backsies in commerce.

    • Smokin

      Why not get a better contract from a electrical contractor for town projects ..a little job security rather big pricing ripoff.

      • Smokin

        Outside contractor with a better contract for town work ..rather than now a town employee…Think of savings with a outsider no benefits,no workers comp..no 401k no vacation sick time and pension…long term savings …UNLESS SOMEONE family friend Electrician needed a job ..and council delivered ..

  • calvin grubbs

    Electricians are awesome people.

    • KaayC

      Yep, and unlike plumbers, you can actually get one to show up! A good plumber who is reliable is a rare commodity.
      There are three kinds of pipe. There is what you have, which is garbage and you can see where that’s gotten you. Then there’s bronze, which is very good unless something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong. And then there’s copper, which is the only pipe they use. It costs money. It costs money because it saves money.

  • Smokin

    75k salary benefits package 35k….and a 401k and pension ..and OT…and really it’s a one man show..he will need a helper for most jobs…what’s that yearly total $$$ amount …