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Curb Repair Projects in Brick to be Completed in the Spring

Curb installation. (Credit: Pam Broviak/Flickr)
Curb installation. (Credit: Pam Broviak/Flickr)

A town-wide project to repair curbs damaged last winter by a snowplow contractor is on hold until spring, Mayor John Ducey said.

The township held back payment from the contractor, who eventually agreed to repair curbs in various neighborhood around town. The project was initially expected to continue through the colder months, but like road repairs, the materials used in curbing concrete may not set as well during the colder months.

Ducey said he was given two options: continue the project during the winter and forfeit warranties, or wait until spring and have a warranty in place.


“Some people said to keep on going without the guarantee, but I think that would be a huge mistake and a waste of the taxpayers’ money,” he said.

The neighborhoods that remain unrepaired are the Greenbriar and Greenbriar II senior citizen communities, Ducey said.

  • Rich W

    What is the name of the snowplow contractor? What is the total value of the damage his crew caused? Has the company been dropped from doing any township work?

  • J W

    Hey, you scratched my curb!