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Vicari to Serve as Freeholder Director in 2017

Freeholder Joseph Vicari (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Freeholder Joseph Vicari (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari will serve as the board’s director in 2017, keeping with tradition that a freeholder whose seat is up for re-election leads the county’s governing body.

Vicari, who has served as freeholder since 1981, said the primary focus of the freeholder board next year will be keeping spending to a minimum and tackling the county’s opiate addiction crisis.

“I will work to keep affordability for our middle class and senior residents by maintaining a stable tax rate and protecting our triple-A bond rating,” Vicari said.


A longtime advocate for senior services in the county, Vicari said another priority is protecting Medicare and Social Security from measures that could make life more difficult for the county’s 162,019 senior citizens and over 68,000 veterans. Vicari also said he intents to expand the Buy in Ocean County program, which encourages shopping within local communities, to focus on small businesses and encourage year-round shopping in coastal municipalities.

The freeholder board as a whole intends to continue focusing on the rehabilitation of the Route 9 corridor and its potential expansion into a four-lane roadway. The project requires state funding, officials have said, and the state has been reticent to dedicate the funds to the project. Vicari said he plans to “fight for moneys generated through the newly passed gas tax to be used to upgrade infrastructures in our county,” including the possibility of passenger rail service.

  • Goodgrief

    35 years of sleaze.

  • Mac

    Perhaps 2017 is the year Vicari will finally realize his dreams by getting enough attention to finally become an official late night TV political joke.

    • Goodgrief

      If Ocean County had a late night talk show he would be featured in all the opening monologues.

      • Mac

        laughing, and with all the competition Ocean County has to offer, that’s truly saying something.

  • Lock Her Up !

    Term limits , term limits , term limits !!!!!!!!!
    Every elected position and political appointment needs term limits.
    Elections are rigged and politicians are dishonest.
    We need term limits to get rid of them and bring in new blood.

  • KaayC

    What a lying politico. He is the one who disparaged the unemployed claiming they did not want to work. Oust him.

  • Mike

    This guy needs to go. a lot of the career politicians from Ocean County need to go.

  • Goodgrief

    Very rarely do you see anybody support this politician.

    • Mac

      With the exception of Birdsall, who is now out of country club prison after only five or six months of a four year term for ripping off the taxpayers annually for multi-millions of dollars for dozens and dozens of years with Vicari as his chief corruption partner.

  • Jeff Stallop

    I took a shit in his backyard once