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Brick Approves Six Homes off Route 70

The location of a lot where a developer is seeking to build six homes. (Credit: Google Maps)
The location of a lot where a developer is seeking to build six homes. (Credit: Google Maps)

A developer has gained permission to construct six, single-family homes off Route 70 in the northern portion of the township.

Arya Properties, of Island Heights, was recently granted approval to build six homes on seven newly-defined lots near the intersection of Route 70 and the northeast corner of Van Zile Road. The seventh lot will serve as a retention basin for the new development.

According to township documentation, the project required a use variance since the two-acre site is located in a business zone where residential development is normally not permitted. The developer also sought more routine “bulk” variances. The board granted permission for the six homes to be constructed but required that the new lots can never be further subdivided, a deed restriction be placed on the retention basin lot that requires proper shade trees, and a six foot fence be built along the frontage around the perimeter of the retention basin.


Arya Properties is regional real estate developer that has built new communities across Ocean and Monmouth counties, including in Toms River and Wall townships.

  • Metro96

    I feel bad for the people living in Kentwood Village that back up to the strip of woods along 70. They will lose that small bit of privacy they had.

  • meok1521

    So will these homes be ON Route 70? There is no side road there, unless they are constructing one. Good luck selling those.

  • Smokin

    What a crap location who in the would would want to live in that busy location and how much could they sell for ?? The only thing I can think. Of it’s a start to have them start to move into town…WTH…Brick ..

  • Cankles got Trumped !

    Lakewood does a lot of bulk variances.
    Why allow residential units on Rt 70?
    Were any palms greased?
    These will become the olny residental homes on rt 70 between Lakewood and Brielle.

    • KaayC

      Were any palms greased? Do bears crap in the woods?

  • KaayC

    This town approves ANYTHING! They approved that disgusting box AUTO ZONE didnt they? Now they try to put lipstick on a pig with a renovation. Fugly town this. Hate it what they approve. No class pineys.

  • J W

    At least it isn’t another Wawa or Quickcheck.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Rom does nice work. He’s been in business for quite a while.