Home School News Brick School District Plans Improvements to BMHS Fields

Brick School District Plans Improvements to BMHS Fields

Brick Township Memorial High School (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Memorial High School (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Brick school district has taken the first step toward improving the grass baseball fields at Brick Memorial High School.

Last week, the board awarded a contract to CHA Consultants to prepare a study and recommendations for “remediation and improvements” to the three natural grass fields at the high school. 

The fields, located on the southeast edge of the property, have experienced drainage issues that have made them unusable at times and difficult to maintain, documentation on the project said. The district previous installed a drainage system at the site but officials say it may not be operating correctly. CHA’s report will address the drainage issues as well as the nature of the soil at the site and design a plan to repair the fields.


For its services, CHA will be paid $9,345. The “no bid” contract granted to the firm was approved at the Jan. 12 board meeting.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I’m curious about this previously installed drainage system that “may not be operating correctly”.
    Who did the work, how long ago and at what cost?
    How could a taxpayer get answers to such questions, in order to try and determine if the $$$$$$.99 was wasted?

    • J W

      The football field was swampy in the 90s when I was there. The back end of the football field has always been poorly drained. The other fields aren’t much better, same at Lanes Mill School where the soccer fields are wet most of the year. And the reason for this is Bricktucky is a swamp. You can’t possibly drain the whole town.