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Completion Date Pushed Back for Brick Parkway Project

Signage for the future "Herbertsville" exit on the Garden State Parkway, covered up. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Signage for the future “Herbertsville” exit on the Garden State Parkway, covered up. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A summer-long suspension of work on the Garden State Parkway Interchange 91 construction project will take its toll on the project’s completion date, officials told Shorebeat.

Work on the project, which will create a full north-south interchange in the norther portion of the township, stopped in July after Gov. Chris Christie and state legislators failed to agree on a gas tax increase to fund the depleted Transportation Trust Fund. The controversial tax hike was eventually passed and enacted in November, and projects were allowed to move forward.

Mayor John Ducey said the interchange construction project, responsible for traffic tie-ups on a nearly daily basis along Lanes Mill and Burrsville roads, is now scheduled to be completed in July. Its original completion date had been February.


“They were closed for four months, and it had been March, but now they’re saying July,” said Mayor John Ducey.

Shorebeat also recently inquired, in the wake of news that a cashless toll system would be installed at a newly-created interchange in Sayreville, as to whether tolls at the new Brick interchange would expand beyond the current toll at the northbound entrance ramp.

There are no new tolls being built at the interchange, said Thomas Feeney, spokesman for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

The project, more than 10 years in the making, will include numerous new entrance and exit ramps. Changes include:

  • A new northbound entrance ramp from Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road, with access to the park-and-ride lot on the east side of the Parkway.
  • A second northbound entrance ramp for vehicles traveling eastbound on Burnt Tavern Road. This ramp will allow access from Burrsville Road. The single existing northbound ramp will be eliminated.
  • New northbound exit and entrance ramps linking the Parkway and Burrsville Road.
  • A new southbound entrance ramp for traffic heading west on Burnt Tavern Road.
  • A second southbound entrance ramp linking Lanes Mill Road with the Parkway. Herborn Avenue will be extended south and east to Lanes Mill Road, where it will meet the new entrance ramp and a signaled intersection.

  • Frank Rizzo

    This money was earmarked in at least before 2014 when the project started so then why did Gov Fatbody stop the project when he had his temper tantrum over the gas tax late 2016. He shut down all projects statewide regardless of when they began just to punish the people. W should already have the two extra tunnels under the Hudson for the trains by now also….

    • east coast resident

      Frank. I agree with you here also. Christie has been a complete disaster for New jersey. He scrapped the new tunnel into new York, which would have been a boon to our state, plus he vetoed a bill to force gun manufacturers to install ‘smart” technology on guns. He also refused to create exchanges for Obamacare, again setting up the poorer people of New Jersey, to go without health coverage. He had set his sites for national office, thinking that his star was on the ascendant. How wrong he was and unfortunately, we are the losers. I’m somewhat surprised though, that you, being republican opposes him. I’m a democrat, who voted for Clinton and proud of it, especially in Ocean county, a republican stronghold, full of Trump followers, and I never cared for Christie. can’t wait to have a democrat governor.

      • Stu Pidity

        No Christie fan here but you obviously don’t know much about the former ARC (Access to the Region’s Core) tunnel project. It was scaled down so many times that is was effectively useless. ARC wasn’t a boon. It was a boondoggle that didn’t provide access to anywhere except to a dead end terminal 100 feet below Manhattan.The so called tunnel to Macy’s basement. It provided no access to Grand Central or Penn Station and NJ was responsible for paying to build a good portion of it. Why should we pay to build a dismally engineered tunnel that’s obsolete before it’s even finished, while we knew that Amtrack (the federal govt.) is planning to build their own? And theirs WOULD provide access to the region’s core?

      • Frank Rizzo

        We need more tunnels..if what you say is correct then I agree…but we need to have more tunnels for our NJ transit trains to provide better and more service to our residents. Once these two tunnels fail, and they are quite old…there will be no service to NYC via trains until new ones built.

      • Stu Pidity

        There’s no disputing that we need to replace the 100 yr. old tunnels. The feds had a plan on the table to do it years before the ARC fiasco was dreamed up. And theirs WILL provide access to the region’s core. (Penn Station and Grand Central). Why would NJ want to pay billions for the ARC tunnels which can’t even carry Amtrack trains? How dumb was it to even consider new tunnels that terminate beneath Macys and then require a 100 foot escalator/stair climb to get to street level? And then it still requires a transfer to subways,buses, or other trains? I’m all for new construction jobs. IF they provide bang for the buck. Unfortunately the Trenton parade float used the ARC money from DC to put into NJ’s general fund to pay bills. Because everyone knows Christie doesn’t raise taxes. Not.

      • Frank Rizzo

        I think the grand scheme is to replace aging Madison Square Garden with a new high rise building of some type of use..business or residential…Push everything to Brooklyn which does not have enough use now. That is why they the elites want to close or move NY Penn….

      • KaayC

        Penn is a toilet. Grand Central…now THAT is the chariots of the gods! The original Penn Station that was torn down was better. Seriously. Jacki O saved one. She couldn’t do it all by herself.

      • KaayC

        London Bridge is falling down…my fair lady.

      • KaayC

        Kinda glad it didnt fly. Every once in a while, I wish I had a viable means of getting into New York. But that is only every once in a while. Keep the New York riff raff in Queens. We have enough problems without opening up that conduit.

      • avgjoe

        As Stu said you dont know much about ARc (or anything else) 60% of Drs & about 65+% of the country oppose obazo care as it has been proven t be a failure just lie the boy clowns presidency. plus chfristie was not teh only gov to not set up obozocare funds. Not a fan of trump (he wasnt in my top 10 choices) but he was far better than the unethical, inept unqualified immoral guilty criminal hilLIAry

      • east coast resident

        I won’t debate with you. You’re too far gone. Your spelling, plus your derogatory terms, for Obama and Hillary, proves that you are not educated enough. Too much alt-right site reading. That shrinks the brain. You are the proof

    • Michael

      He’s being spiteful like a 10 year old child who didn’t get their way. He wanted the presidency….NOPE! He wanted to be in Trump’s cabinet….NOPE! JUST like bridgegate, he throws temper tantrums when he gets passed over by more competent politions.

    • Stu Pidity

      For your information Gov.Christie is not fat. He’s simply two feet too short for his weight.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Herbertsville gets screwed again.

  • Smokin

    Burnt Tavern road and Burrsville road .
    just sucks..traffic every day no matter what Time of day…We live in area and always have to give your self 15 minutes more time to get in and out …wish we could sell but property values have decreased due to crime drugs and taxes…

  • avgjoe

    OK my question is WHY this project was not finished over a year ago when most of the parkway was finished? As Frank said money for this project was approved in 2014 so why was it shut down? I heard the county is in charge of this boondoggle not sure if its true. The whole shutdown of the construction projects just proves why christie lost hes a RINO of course in far left wing NJ hes considered a conservative.

  • Exit91b

    WHY? The Burnt Tavern part of the project is a separate contract, administered by Ocean County. It was not a part of the Parkway reconstruction overseen by the Turnpike Authority. Nevertheless the project(s) are taking a really long time. The very first orange cones went up on the Burnt Tavern Rd overpass in December of 2012. Over FOUR years ago. It seems like they never have more than five guys working on it at any given time. But what’s even worse, if you do a Google search, you will find that this project was first announced in 2005.

    From announcement to completion in ‘only’ twelve years!