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New Store Set to Occupy Former Jo-Ann Fabrics Building

The future site of At Home Recreation in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The future site of At Home Recreation in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

One of the largest remaining vacant businesses in Brick will soon have a new occupant.

The former Jo-Ann fabric store, previously known as the Karen’s Curtains store, is located between Route 88 and Route 70, adjacent to the township’s Walmart store and a Walgreens pharmacy. in the coming months, the space will occupied by an At Home Recreation location, Mayor John Ducey said this week.

“It’s somewhat similar to the old Branch Brook store,” said Ducey. “During the summer they have pools, pool supplies, patio furniture, all those types of things. Then in the winter, it flips to trees, and they have pool tables, bars, shuffleboard tables, all the indoor sports.”


The company currently has locations in Manahawkin and Ocean Township. Ducey called the store an “awesome arrival” to Brick.

“That building has been empty for a long time, so to be able to be part of the time when that is finally filled, it’s real exciting for the town,” Ducey said.

Work on the building itself as well as the exterior is underway now. The store is slated to open “in the coming months,” the mayor said.

  • KaayC

    I miss Joannes, feel its exodus further lead to the deterioration of the North end, and have not been to the Toms River store even once. I wonder how many of these home rec. stores we can sustain as we already have a Fortunoffs.

  • Jeff Stallop

    I can’t wait to shit on the floor in the bathroom

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    This is great! I bought 90% of my Christmas decorations at the old Branch Brook. Even though we have the Christmas Store in Brick, the decorations available at Branch Brook were of higher quality and they had Christmas Decorations at Branch Brook you couldn’t get anywhere else. I hope At Home will be the same.

  • Beach N8iv

    I remember when it was the Acme Market adjacent to the Laurelton Drive In Theater. I’m old.

    • J W

      Yeah, you are old. That place was closed by the time I got down here. At one time this town was a hotspot for movies. We even had that crappy one behind Brick Plaza, about where the Joes is. We re down to one now and parking is a nightmare most nights

      • Beach N8iv

        I saw “The Trial of Billy Jack,” “Earthquake (in Sensurround)” and, if I remember correctly “Animal House” in that crappy one behind Brick Plaza.

      • J W

        I think I saw Purple Rain there. Billy Jack brings back memories. With all the Standing Rock stuff, you’d think Hollywood would do a revival of that franchise with an Indian knocking the crap out of scum bags.