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Shuttered Brick Gas Station to be Renovated, Reopen

The Lukoil station at Route 88 and Jordan Road. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Lukoil station at Route 88 and Jordan Road. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A large gas station that once included a car wash and a McDonald’s restaurant has been approved by the township’s Board of Adjustment approved a plan to make changes and reopen.

The former Lukoil station at the corner of Route 88 and Jordan Road received the approval last month after initially filing an application earlier in the year. According to its filing, Lukoil – which still owns the site – will replace the eight existing fuel dispensers on site with six new dispensers and convert the existing building on site to a convenience store. Diesel fuel dispensers are also planned the site.

The existing concrete walkway area in front of the building is proposed to be modified and expanded, and one of the existing kiosks on the site is proposed to be removed. The existing car wash on the site will remain.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    About damn time, this station has sat abandoned for at least five years or more, I contacted Wawa last year and told them it would make a great Super Wawa if they bought the station and the motel that’s for sale next door. Next thing I know Lukoil says their going to convert it to a Wawa type stations just a few months after I contacted Wawa,interesting timing don’t you think? Notice that the article doesn’t mention when the work will start or the expected completion date? I’ll believe Lukoil when I see the work started, other than that, I think they are just holding onto the property until they can get the best price. I’d rather have a Super Wawa there than a Lukoil any-day. I don’t trust Lukoil!

    • KaayC

      They used to cheat people on their change there too! Infamously!

  • Smokin

    Let hope tanks are still sealed below..and what about the Exxon that’s been out of business for maybe 10 years …across from 711..

    • JG

      Looks like Exxon is becoming Gulf soon….

      • Smokin

        Thanks for info..isn’t there another station empty for years off of 70 and 88 east ..above Princeton ave..thats empty still ??

      • Josh

        wasn’t that a Texaco? on 88 just above Princeton like you’re talking about. that station has been closed and vacant for at least 10 years now.

  • shorekitten

    It will be nice to see some property renovated and not left neglected.

  • Rembot

    Funny, you’d think the reporter would mention that Lukoil is owned by one of Russia’s largest petrochemical company, which in light of today’s headlines about Russian tampering with our elections would seem to be significant, yes?

    • ThatGuy

      Your right, I heard the Ruskies are actually using the Lukoil as a hidden missile silo. It goes along with the one on rt 70 thats a hidden hangar and the one on 34 that holds 1000’s of troops underground rather than fuel.

    • J W

      Lukoil franchisees have been to known to go on strike and close or raise prices to $10 a gallon to spite the corporate office. The corporate office doesn’t deal fairly with the people who own the real estate and operate the pumps.