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Brick Announces 2017 Summerfest Bands

Summerfest (Photo: Pier 281 Marina)
Summerfest (Photo: Pier 281 Marina)

Snow might be the talk of the town today, but Brick is already gearing up for summer.

The township announced this week that it has signed a $30,250 contract with LaGuardia Associates to produce this year’s Summerfest series, which is funded through corporate sponsorships.

“Every Summerfest has fireworks, food vendors, the beer and wine garden and great partners,” said Mayor John Ducey.


The bands set to play this season are:

  • July 6: Rubix Kube (80s music.)
  • July 13: The Amish Outlaws
  • July 20: The Infernos
  • July 27: Garden State Radio

Ducey said The Infernos were added to the lineup based on public demand, and The Amish Outlaws were retained because the band helped draw the largest Summerfest crowd in history last year when they performed.


  • Debby Scheri Moreno

    Just want t I say the best Summerfest in my opinion was when Alan Cohen organized it
    He had Johnny maestro little Anthony etc
    I never heard of these bands
    Bring back the oldies
    I’ll organize it if you pay me I know exactly how to get the oldies bands

    • Make America Greater

      Alan “cash is king” Cohen.
      Bribe soliciting , admitted , convicted extortionist , former Democrat mayor Joe Scarpellis left hand man and chief “fundraiser”.

      • Debby Scheri Moreno

        Have a little respect
        He passed away
        And it doesn’t matter what you say about him he still organized Summerfest the best

      • Make America Greater

        And it doesn’t matter that Scarpelli was a bribe taking extortionist democrat mayor does it?
        Summerfest was “fun”.
        I’m sorry, am I allowed to say that since Scarpelli is still alive?

      • Mac

        Why pick just on Scarpelli? Brick has a full history of political bribes and extortion by dozens of politicians in every area of government it oversees, as does most every community in Ocean County unfortunately. Frankly, without bribes and extortion, Ocean County wouldn’t even be on the map. Going back to the 60’s and 70’s, every time a cop got kicked off a police force in NJ for any reason, they immediately found a home either in Brick Township, NJ, or Pompano Beach, Fla. When Brick finally gets their act together, if ever, they will be able to approach the level of corruption the 300-year-old Ocean County Republican Club has blessed Toms River and the rest of Ocean County with sharing and promoting.

      • Make America Greater

        Why have all the crooked north jersey democrats from Jersey City and other democrat dumps been moving to Brick and Ocean County since the 50s.
        I will tell you, because it was a GOP controlled paradise down here until the Jersey City democrat crooks came down and started to destroy it.
        The Jersey City democrats ruined their city and fled like rats on a sinking ship to GOP paradise Brick Township, Pt Pleasant and Toms River.

      • Mac

        It’s difficult to believe any organization capable of producing Glucks and Gilmores could be rated in any type of paradise remark, but back in the 50’s Ocean County was still fairly barren, so I’ll have to take your word for it. As for the North Jersey crooks moving here (from both parties for sure), you can blame that on the Parkway and our summer tourists desire to sharpen their boardwalk arcade skills regularly by tossing quarters into a toll plaza basket.