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Brick Looks to Expand Bicycle, Pedestrian Access in Town

The Airport Tract bike and walking path in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Airport Tract bike and walking path in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick is planning to create a Bicycle Master Plan that will serve as a blueprint for expanded access to bicycle trails and cross access from town to town.

The township’s study will be funded through a grant provided by the state Department of Community Affairs, which will hire a consulting firm to create the plan. Councilwoman Heather deJong said the master plan will help Brick become part of the state’s “complete streets” initiative, which encourages roadway infrastructure to include access for cyclists and pedestrians.

“On Route 70, you see people walking, and we’re going to see if it’s possible to put sidewalks there,” deJong said, as an example of one area the study may look at.


The study will also look at linking the township’s bicycles trails to each other and to trails in neighboring towns – perhaps allowing easy access from mainland Brick Township all the way to the ocean. Ultimately, the state is looking to create a statewide trail network.

“Ideally what they want to do is connect the different bicycle paths from Cape May all the way up north,” said deJong. “It’s a great program and I’m very excited that we’re now part of it.”

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Long overdue, but encouraging news none the less.

  • Lydia

    I would love to see this happen

  • Make America Greater

    We need bicycle lanes and shoulders along the sides of all roads possible in town.
    I rode my bike to the gym and None of the roads I took had pedestrian access.

  • Make America Greater

    I don’t want to ride my bike to Cape May.
    I want to ride my bike to Brick Plaza and it is impossible.
    We don’t even have crosswalks in this town!

    • J W

      Herbertsville is pretty pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Notwithstanding the Parkway work. Kinda impossible to do much down Bursville or the “other” Lanes Mill Rd, but pretty much everywhere else is doable.

      • Make America Greater

        Herbertsville rd, burnt tavern rd, sally ike rd, maple ave.
        none of these roads are pedestrian friendly.
        Over by the parkway construction, there are no bike lanes or shoulders being built on multi million dollar project.

      • Smokin

        Bike trails between maple burnt tavern and herbertsville park with police escorts

  • JJ

    I think it’s a great idea. Hope it happens.

  • Surfrider

    Very laughable…This needed to be done many many years ago, before town planners began making postal-sized lots in Brick, and setting up the roads with that not even in mind. I would love to see the monies proposed and being spent to these so-called “consultants”, and once the plan is made, the costs involved. We cannot even figure out how much it costs to pave roads (which is a joke, everything a secret so allowing for the widespread legislature corruption in this state. From what I understand, Monmouth and Ocean counties legislatures who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and go to prison, can still collect their pensions when they get out! Understand it amounts to millions each year getting paid to these crooks in pension handouts. Also from what I understand, legislatures will not even hear a proposal to stop this corrupt practice! We have to vote these bottom feeders out of office ! C’mon New Jerseyans, lets agree to at least stop this crap and deal with the most important problems this state faces, and reap the monies for projects like this! I for one try and call these clowns out, but it will take most of us to at least become active to make phone calls. Too bad we cannot get Soros to back meaningful things that would help the citizens the way he is backing all this discourse in our country! What a waste.

    • T C

      You must be a blast at parties.

      • Surfrider

        o yeaaa! ha ha! U would love me man! Just back from Costa on a “surf holiday” with my kids, or I would have responded sooner……

      • T C


    • J W

      George Soros is literally hiding behind every tree in your deluded, insane Trumpland. You people are ill.

  • edub71

    Make a Left turn only @ Post Road of Princeton Avenue to prevent cars from racing for position off of the light down Princeton. It’s 95% residential with Ocean Early daycare and cars drive 50mph. It’s one of the few roadways in town with a full bike lane. If you lower the speed limit to 30 or 35 it will help the businesses on Route 88 as people will migrate to that route to get to Point Pleasant. Right now Princeton Avenue is like Route 70 East. There is no way the Speed limit should be 40mph, when thats what the posted speed is front of Rainbow Diner on Route 70. The cars that are doing 55mph on that section then proceed to speed through our neighborhood to get to Point. There was a head on that resulted in 4 deaths a few years ago between Robbins St and Laurelhurst, last year a man lost his foot in a motorcycle and motor vehicle accident. Slow Down!

  • Make America Greater

    I guess all the roads are perfect in town if the government is concentrating expenditures and time on playgrounds and bike paths.

  • KaayC

    It is frightening enough sharing Route 70 with motorists. I think you would have to have a serious death wish to entertain sharing the local roads on a bicycle! They smoke the pipe. Pave the roads, pick up the leaves and rent the empty storefronts. Back to basics please.