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Brick to Replace Police Motorcycles

Brick Township Police Patch
Brick Township Police Patch

Brick Township will replace two motorcycles with two newer – but pre-owned – vehicles.

The department mainly uses its motorcycles in parades and at other functions. The township recently garnered $12,928 from the sale of its two Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and will be replacing them with two newer motorcycles being sold by Barnegat Township for $39,000.

According to Council President Art Halloran, the township allocated $24,000 for the motorcycles in its capital budget, and the remaining cost will be funded through items seized by the department. 


“These motorcycles have been used on a very limited basis and have low mileage,” said Halloran.

The new motorcycles will be Harley-Davidson models, like the ones they are replacing.

  • Paul Hanrahan

    Apparently this is a done deal seeing that the older motorcycles sold for $12,928. It seems to me they could have kept the bikes and maintained them. HD motorcycles can last forever if properly maintained. They are really only used for parades and show purposes. It would have saved the town $26,072 less maintenance but the new bikes have to be maintained also, making that cost negligible. Just my opinion.

    • Chris King

      Forfeiture funds are paying for it so it does not cost the taxpayer money. And before you say something about forfeiture funds being used for other line budget items, look into it and see that it can’t be used for that. Anyway, I hope to see them make better use of the motors then just parades. Use them for traffic enforcement and have them on the roads daily.

  • Frank Rizzo

    This is not Ft Lee with congestion 24 hours a day……we could have kept the old bikes in service….

    • Smokin

      How old were the two Harley’s sold and how miles were on a them can’t be high since they really just came out for parades ???

  • albertWestpy

    I see no reason ‘our’ police department should be given anything that is “USED” for safety reasons as well as the fact that they will ware out faster. Don’t be so short sighted and be penny wise and dollar foolish.