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Company Proposes Turning Abandoned Route 70 Building Into Office Space

The former Furniture Source building, which is proposed to be rehabilitated into a professional building. (Credit: Google Maps)
The former Furniture Source building, which is proposed to be rehabilitated into a professional building. (Credit: Google Maps)

A development firm has applied for permission to turn what it describes as an abandoned Route 70 building into modern office space.

BTACH, LLC is seeking approval from the township’s planning board to rehabilitate and renovate the building at 848 Route 70, formerly known as Furniture Source, so it can become a professional building that will house law offices.

The developer will require several variances, many of which are pre-existing, in order to win approval, including minimum acreage, minimum lot width, and the sizes of several setbacks. The variances required are minor “bulk” variances, commonly known as a “C” variances.


According to planning documents, 10 foot-wide parking spaces are required, though nine foot-wide spaces are proposed for the site. 

This application will be heard by the Brick Township Planning Board at a public meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017 in the Brick Township Municipal Complex, 401 Chambers Bridge Road. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.

  • sue di nimmiano

    Good! No new construction, and the minor variances needed are already in place.

    • suzie

      One better would be if they were building on the old food town site and building offices or a professional park.

  • Aliceo

    Wait the people of Brick sat through 3 hours of testimony for the gas station wawa and drive thru restaurant on Duquesne and Rt 70., the developer’s last speaker came too late. Residents were denied our chance to ask questions at the last meeting. We are supposed to return on the 22nd. Now there is a new project? Will they go before public comment as well?

  • shorekitten

    Good, love to see existing building repurposed. With Forge Pond right there, to tear it down and rebuild something there would probably require a lot more permits and paperwork because of environmental impact.

  • Susan LaDuke

    My first question was WHICH abandoned building on Rt 70? All throughout Ocean County there are so many abandoned properties while new construction goes on.
    Just foolishness.

    • Brandy the Dog

      It’s across from the Rainbow Diner at the beginning of Forge Pond Rd.. Close to the old Food Town site now an empty lot. The public entrance to Forge Pond is right there.
      I agree, too many abandoned properties in Ocean County.

    • Smokin

      That furniture store that changed names many times and could never figure how in the world they stayed opened never busy ever !

  • Frank Rizzo

    I hope this is not an Hasidic use of a property which has been vacant only a few months. ..and certainly not abandoned….who are they renting from if its “abandoned”….this is code for im doing the town a favor so let me do what i want without laws applying

    • J W

      There’s that white power stuff you usually peddle.

      • Make America Greater

        Still mad Hillary lost?
        President Trump .
        What a sweer sound.

      • Spencer Trilby

        Yep…sambo. Why can’t we have a white town? You have Africa…

    • Smokin

      My money is on yup Frank

  • Make America Greater

    How about an Arbees or a Carls Jr?
    We need a good hamburger joint in town.

    • Smokin

      More burgers pizza Chinese liquor stores not enough

  • Make America Greater

    Look how ugly and trashy that utility pole and wires are.
    We need underground utilities whenever possible.

    • KaayC

      Yep agree mostly because the poles are usually half mast and barely standing. They look like drunken sailors lol. We have underground utilities and they did not fare well in the aftermath of Sandy. The antique poles actually fared better because they did not get flooded by water surge. The Texans who repaired the above ground utility poles could not believe how antiquated our grid is!

  • KaayC

    Great PR and probable incentives seem to make this a win win!