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Democrats Plan Presence at Upcoming MacArthur Speech at OCC

U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur. (File Photo)
U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur. (File Photo)

A New Jersey lawmaker who recently said town hall meetings were being “hijacked” by protesters may face a presence from his detractors at an upcoming speech planned at Ocean County College.

U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3), who recently told a reporter his slate of public town hall meetings was on hold because he didn’t “want to be baited into having an event that some outside group can just make a spectacle out of,” was already scheduled to speak at the college March 31. The college confirmed MacArthur will still present his talk: “Government & Politics: What You Need to Know with Congressman Tom MacArthur,” on Friday, March 31at 11 a.m. in the Gateway Building Lecture Hall. It was not known if MacArthur was planning to take questions.

On Monday, the Ocean County Democratic organization was encouraging its members to attend.


“Please attend and let him know we are here!” a Facebook post from the party said. “More details to follow.”

Numerous members of congress, particularly Republicans, have suspended question-and-answer sessions and town hall meetings out of concern that protests from groups opposed to President Donald Trump or the repeal of the Affordable Care Act could cause a disruption. During a recent phone-in town hall meeting, MacArthur said that at some public town hall events, protesters were bused in by the hundreds “and in some cases have even been paid to disrupt and to steal your voice.”

MacArthur was one of the few GOP congressional members to vote against the immediate repeal of the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare, since he did not believe a viable alternative was ready to be deployed. Nonetheless, a group of protesters is planning to picket outside his office at the Toms River municipal building Feb. 25.

“Bernie Sanders has called upon his supporters to come together, in support of the Affordable Care Act,” the announcement of the protest, set to last four hours, said. ” So let’s rally in front of Congressional Rep. Tom MacArthur’s office, and voice our concern for attempts to dismantle Obamacare and take away needed healthcare insurance for millions of Americans.”

MacArthur won re-election in Nov. 2016 over his Democratic challenger, Frederick LaVergne.

  • Make America Greater

    Time for anti- democrats to start showing up also.

    • albertWestpy

      I’m not a democrat, i’m not rude to people in other political parties by calling them names such as “wackos”, and I would like to know just when do you think “America was Greater” ?
      A. Nixon the liar
      B. Reagan the union buster
      C. George W. of weapons of mass destruction liar

      • Make America Greater

        I am not a republican but I am anti the liberal democrat party .
        Why would you only mention 3 GOP presidents if you are not a democrat?
        Union thugs and union slugs are worthless pieces of trash. I feel bad for the honest hard working people that are stuck in unions by no choice of rheir own.
        I would have to say America was greater before government worker unions were allowed to be formed.

      • albertWestpy

        Well it looks as if your still being rude by calling union members “thugs” and “worthless pieces of trash”.
        Why would I say that i’m not a democrat if it were not true? Now as far as why I picked 3 presidents, that happened to be republican will give you something to think about today…..if you like.
        It seems as if you also no little of unions and federal law. Perhaps you should read read the ‘Labor Management Relations Act of 1947’.
        Oh, by the way……when quoting someone the rule in English is to always use quotation marks.
        Have a nice day.

      • craigoftruth

        Sad that many of these people lack the education or the will to educate themselves about the truth. I am sure it is always the easiest for some people to name call when they are too lazy to learn.

      • Goodgrief

        Agree that men in the ladies rooms is so wrong.

      • Wow, I didn’t realize that those people with dyed hair and tattoos were physically/emotionally harming you! You must be a very sensitive person! And those trans women using bathrooms – they just perpetrate so much violence! Oh, wait…they’re a lot more likely to have violence acts done to them!

      • dave lasky

        You just “rudely” called a president a “liar”. Practice what you preach.

      • craigoftruth

        The President of the United States Donald Trump has lied on numerous occasions so I think it is safe to call him a liar. Just remember what happened at the Alamo on Friday night oh no it was Sweden.

      • Practical

        Remember Obama? If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor…Benghazi was the result of the video…the IRS did not target conservatives…….Fast and Furious………….

      • craigoftruth

        My friend, what are you talking about? Benghazi investigated six different time and never a charge was made with the exception of our Dear Leader. Why has the Congress not investigated with the same fervor of Donald Trumps relationship with the Russian? What about Trumps business dealings with the Russians that he denies. His top adviser Kushner (son in-law) has dealing with the Russian Government.

      • Practical

        We’re talking about lies. Obama and his cronies lied about Bengazi, and everyone (except you) knew it. Whatever Trump’s business dealings with Russia were are past tense. He is now our president – and will be for the next four years – so you may want to slow your roll. At the rate you’re going, you may implode. Lighten up, man.

  • A.P.

    This why social media is so much better than ancient town hall meetings I can communicate and be heard instead of trying to ask a question over a yelling scripted crowd. Also I can do it at work during lunch.

  • craigoftruth

    This what is happening to us weather you are conservative or liberal you and everyone else should read this article. I warn you it is disturbing, informative and very long.
    This is what is happening around the globe to everyone who has cable TV, smart phone computer… Read the link!

    • A.P.

      Thank you I’ve always said for ex.google scares me with all the info they have. A.I. is becoming increasingly discussed & warned about.

      • craigoftruth

        Pretty unbelievable what is going on and I agree that everyone should be aware how we in the United State are being manipulated. The people that should read this article most wont they will just continue to repeat the falsehoods that they hear and are told.

      • A.P.

        Falsehoods on both sides I have no idea what the solution is any thoughts?

      • craigoftruth

        I honestly do not know!

      • craigoftruth

        I got off Face Book long ago because of this problem.

      • A.P.

        Yes you & I may not see eye 2 eye but I would hope we could have a descent discussion because I too got off Facebook long ago

  • Smokin

    It all down hill the Democratic Party just can’t except the results of the elections Trump won ! Give him a chance and deal with it for 4 years

    • Practical

      Like we had to deal with Obama for eight years!

  • Beach N8iv

    Hide from the people that put you in office and NEVER, EVER answer their questions. Whatever gave the proles the impression that they matter.

  • craigoftruth

    So I wrote to our beloved Congressman Chris Smith to see if he is going to have a town-hall meeting anytime soon and this is the same response I got when I asked the “Great One” another question. He never answers anything!

    “Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting me through my website. This message is confirmation your email has been received.

    I appreciate hearing your views and will keep them in mind as the 114th Congress investigates, debates and votes on the many relevant issues facing our nation. As in the past, I will continue to conduct in-depth analysis of information pertaining to today’s events and work tirelessly to advance the interests and concerns of the people of the 4th District of New Jersey.

    If you are seeking assistance with an individual problem, either I or a member of my staff will be in contact with you shortly. In the interim, you are welcome to contact one my constituent service centers and feel free to visit my website and various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Mercer County:

    (609) 585-7878

    Monmouth County:

    (732) 780-3035

    Ocean County:

    (732) 350-2300

    Washington, DC

    (202) 225-3765



    Member of Congress”
    This guy is a JOKE!

    • craigoftruth

      At least when I had a question and contacted John McCain he or his office actually responded with a thoughtful answer even though it was not the answer I wanted to hear. I have to at least give he and his office credit for that.

    • Practical

      Not so, my friend. Chris Smith’s office has helped me out several times. You will get the same kind of response from Booker or Menendez. Best bet is to call their office and let them know of your issues. However, it would behoove you to be courteous and respectful of the staff.

      • craigoftruth

        Who said I was not respectful towards the staff? I am glad he helped you however I do not agree with his platform and expect some sort of real answer when I call his office. When I finally got to speak to someone on his staff who knew anything they just kept talking, talking and talking like Conway does. I was wondering is this the new attitude of the Republican party with alternate truths? My grandmother was the Republican Chairwoman for the State of New Jersey so I know the drill and I am sure she is rolling in her grave.

      • Practical

        I was talking about Chris Smith’s office, not MacArthur’s. I assume you’re talking about Trump’s platform? You sound very angry, and I understand how you must feel. I felt the same way when Obama was elected the first time and then couldn’t understand how he was elected the second time. And lots of people felt the same way I did; however, we didn’t take to the streets and destroy property and try to shut down someone’s right to speak. This is a whole other ballgame. I don’t particularly like the character of Donald Trump; however, the alternative was a lot more repulsive. And, nothing would have changed with Hillary. You’d still get the same old talking points (just like we’re getting now). At least Trump is trying to do something about the economy, and it seems to be working. I say give him a chance. At least wait until he’s in office for about a year and then blow off steam.

      • craigoftruth

        I was not a Hillary Clinton supporter, I called her the anointed one. Many of Obama’s policies I totally disagreed with however I never found him to be an out and out liar or egomaniac. Talk to any psychiatrist and they will tell you that Donald Trump is a classic case or textbook narcissist. Believe me I have a friend who is a Psychiatrist and they were the one to bring it up to me.
        I wanted to know from the from the Great Ones office Chris Smith how he voted to defund the Affordable Health Care Act, If he supported investigating the Trump Russian relationship and if and when he was going to have a Town Hall Meeting. By the time I got off the phone with no answers I was so angry I was shaking.