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Ex-Brick CFO, Administrator Returns as Paid Consultant

Scott Pezarras receives proclamations from Mayor John Ducey (left) and Council President Paul Mummolo (right). (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Scott Pezarras receives proclamations from Mayor John Ducey (left) and Council President Paul Mummolo (right). (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A township resident aggressively questioned the Brick Township council Tuesday night, asking why former township chief financial officer and business administrator Scott Pezarras, who retired last year, was back on the payroll as a paid consultant.

Pezarras, who served in various positions within Brick government for 32 years, retired as chief financial officer in June after formerly serving as business administrator – the top position in municipal government. He retired at a salary of $179,062, and was replaced first by John Clifford at a salary of $100,000, who quickly resigned and took a job with the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority. After his resignation, Mayor John Ducey tapped Maureen Laffey-Berg, who had served as Pezarras’ deputy, for the position.

By January, however, Pezarras was receiving a new round of compensation from the township for two separate purposes – a consulting role to assist Laffey-Berg, and preparation as a witness in the trial between Brick and real estate developer Jack Morris over the former Foodtown site.


“We have a business administrator, we have a chief financial officer, I think this is ridiculous,” said resident George Scott, demanding to know the details of Pezarras’ new arrangement with the township. “I want a heavy explanation as to why this is going on.”

Though Pezarras’ consulting salary was not divulged at the meeting, current Business Administrator Joanne Bergin told Shorebeat Wednesday that Pezarras is being paid $75 per hour, with an amount not to exceed $17,000 total.

“We do not anticipate approaching the aggregate but wanted to have a cushion should there be any need for additional services,” said Joanne.

At the public meeting Tuesday night, Bergin explained that the township offered Laffey-Berg assistance in her first year of preparing a township budget that reaches over $100 million.

“We talked, in-house with our CFO, the first year doing the budget, if she wanted some general support,” said Bergin. “We felt comfortable supporting her in that. He’s just providing some support and guidance in her transition year.”

“Having our former CFO with more than 30 years of experience working on our budget was a mutual decision made by administration and finance to ensure a smooth transition in this first budget since his retirement a few months ago,” Bergin told Shorebeat in an e-mail. “We do not anticipate any needs for support beyond this year’s budget.”

Pezarras is also being compensated for preparation as a witness in the Foodtown trial, which is ongoing. He has yet to testify, said Township Attorney Kevin Starkey.

“There are piles of documents, and Mr. Pezarras is probably one of the key people in that trial,” Starkey said. “It wasn’t good enough to say, ‘just come in,’ we wanted him to be well prepared for that trial. He’s probably the key witness for us in that trial.”

Scott said he still disagreed with the expenditure on Pezarras’ services.

“If this person was there a very short time, I would say yes, but this person got a raise and I think she is qualified for the job,” he said, of Laffey-Berg. “Now we have to bring somebody back and pay that person? I’m just totally offended. Either you picked the right person or you didn’t pick the right person.”

  • Make America Greater

    The democrat people running the town now are the same types as former convicted democrat mayor Scapelli the felon.

    • Smokin

      And the voters gave them that chance again. GOP has to put together a strong ticket new strong leaders

      • Make America Greater

        GOP had the chance and ruined it.
        Town needs to go back to non-partisan open elections.
        Its the only way to clean up town.
        Have 5 or 6 people running for mayor and 10 people running for council.
        Party hacks inly care about party members.

      • Mac

        The GOP in Ocean County is run by Gilmore. To those of you who never get out of Ocean County, Gilmore is the confirmed joke of the 40 NJ party leaders, many of which don’t offer much more themselves. Buckelew even joined forces with Norcross after he saw the mess he left us holding after he retired. And so it should be. I mean, there’s not too much to share with others in a part-time seasonal kitty litter box. Such boxes seldom, if ever, produce strong leaders, especially with no leadership role model to imp for the past 30-35 years.

      • Smokin

        Corruption on both sides don’t kid yourself

      • Mac

        That’s just a nasty rumor 🙂

  • Make America Greater

    It’s obvious that Democrat Ducey and the new administrator and township attorney are too stupid to run the town.

  • Make America Greater

    3 Main reasons democrats gave to vote for them.
    1) Acropolis tax increase, which they did not roll back.
    2) Friends and family club, which they use more than Acropolis did.
    3) No cadillac health benefits for themselves and other part timers, lol lol lol.

  • Smokin

    So rehire Scott because the one who replaced him isn’t doing the job 100%. What a racked scam whatever you call

    • Make America Greater

      If they did that then Scott couldnt recieve a $150,000 year pension plus full cadillac health benefits and make an extra $75.00 an hour “consulting”.

      • Smokin

        Amazing so it don’t matter the party the good old boys club goes on both sides

  • Name

    It is common practice even in industry to retain long term employees as consultants after they retire.
    Scott Pezarras has a deep knowledge of the Foodtown site because he was directly involved and a deep knowledge of the town’s budget.
    The town is currently involved in a lawsuit with Jack Morris over the Foodtown property and his knowledge of the negotiations at that time will strengthen the town’s position.
    This is money well spent. Scott retired at a salary of almost $180,000 and Maureen is receiving substantially less. Even on a straight financial basis, this makes financial sense.
    I retired after 23 years for a private company and I have a consulting contract with that company.

  • Name

    I wrote that post. Joe Lamb

    • Make America Greater

      I’m sorry you wrote that post also.

  • Andy Pat

    This is a small price to pay to smooth the transition. This is nothing like what Acropolis and his conspirators perpetrated on the people of Brick. Ducey is nothing like Scarpelli!
    I believe he will be easily re-elected in the fall.

  • Make America Greater

    Whatever happened to Dan Toth?

  • Chief Wahoo

    Bricktucky sheep you have been financially raped by Little Scottie for 30years , why would you think this would change just because he is “retired” ……I’m sure he will be costing you when he is dead and buried too…….It’s what public parasites do.

  • Surfrider

    Taxes just keep going up. I wish I could still afford to live here, I thought this was it……But my house is being put on the market in the spring. When I see the ridiculous salaries these people make, and the pension they are getting, I am surprised the pension system hasn’t collapsed yet. I am also surprised that a true rebellion has not yet been launched by the average tax payer. I am getting out while the “getting” is good!