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Ocean County Senator Fights Bill to Have Taxpayers Pick Up Cost of ‘Sanctuary Cities’

ICE officials. (Photo: ICE)
ICE officials. (Photo: ICE)

New Jersey legislators on Monday were debating a bill that would force the state’s taxpayers to reimburse local governments that lose federal aid under any plan that limits funding to so-called “sanctuary” cities.

The bill drew a quick rebuke from Sen. James Holzapfel (R-Ocean), who called the measure “ill-conceived.”

“The legislation has the potential to devastate our state budget by shifting a $15 billion burden onto New Jersey taxpayers,” said Holzapfel, in a statement. “While this ill-conceived legislation is designed to make a political statement, it lacks a financial statement that addresses the tremendous tax increases it would require.”


The legislation is in response to a proposal of President Donald Trump to reduce or eliminate federal funding to cities, counties and other government entities that do not cooperate with requests by federal authorities to detain illegal immigrants who have been arrested. Middlesex and Union counties, as well as a handful of New Jersey cities, are considered “sanctuaries.”

The legislation would allow municipalities or counties that have been denied federal funds to apply to the state Commissioner of Community Affairs for a “dollar-for-dollar” match to compensate for the withheld federal money.

“Why should taxpayers across the state pay for the decisions of local governments that declare themselves a sanctuary from immigration law enforcement?” Holzapfel asked rhetorically in the statement. “This bill could potentially have ten times the financial impact of the gas tax increase that generated a statewide public outcry, yet we haven’t had a single public hearing.”

The bill is being sponsored by Sen. Brian Stack (D-Hudson), who is also the mayor of Union City. Both Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto have said they are in support of the legislation.

“I am an immigrant. What you’re hearing is my second language,” said Prieto, who was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. in 1971, according to NJ Spotlight. “That hits home for me so it’s very important to stand up for these individuals,” Prieto said.

Regardless of whether the bill passes, it is expected to be swiftly vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican and Trump supporter. If Christie is replaced by a Democratic governor next year after his term ends, however, the bill could potentially be signed into law.

  • JohnandLinda Davis

    Remove the 3 of them from office before they do more damage to our tax paying citizen’s !!!

    • J W

      Remove Trump. Problem goes away. It’s unconstitutional for state and local governments to enforce federal law anyway.

      • Make America Greater

        That’s President Trump to you, Loser!

      • J W

        More like President Golden Showers.

      • Spencer Trilby

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      • Make America Greater

        You’re an idiot. They enforce federal laws every day you moron.
        You’re even more ignorant than I thought.

      • J W

        Nope. They don’t. You must have failed civics class. It’s called the doctrine of dual sovereignty. Learn it, little boy.

      • Spencer Trilby

        Clearly, J W can’t get over the fact that his animal ancestors were called boy when they were whipped picking cotton.

      • J W

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      • J W

        Keep going. All you’re doing is validating the reality of white power in this town.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Lets do it….collapse the state and build a new one

  • Ana Robleno

    Prieto doesn’t speak for me and I am an immigrant from cuba. Enough already. Follow the law, collect and return ILLEGAL aliens. No way should we have to carry that burden in nj. We are taxed enough!

    • J W

      So basically the only reason you aren’t illegal is because Cubans get special treatment and can’t be deported. The door was wide open to you but everyone else has to wait 20 years to pick your vegetables. Privileged hypocrite.

      • Spencer Trilby

        Africans get special treatment too. I really wish that humans would get special treatment like Africans do.

      • J W

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      • Spencer Trilby

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  • J W

    Moot point. This won’t happen anyway. Congress isn’t going to legislate it and Emperor Trump isn’t an emperor, so he can go pound sand.

    • Make America Greater

      Hillary list because she is a loser like you. Lol ha ha ha

      • J W

        lost with millions more votes. You losers are in the minority. That means you don’t get to be king. Eat it.

      • Make America Greater

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    • Spencer Trilby

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  • Surfrider

    SO RIDICULOUS! C’mon Legislature, illegal immigrants, irregardless of whether they commit crimes or not, have been wearing down just about every government agency monetarily since they have been coming in droves. If you cannot speak the language and assimilate into our great society legally, THEN JUST STAY OUT, AND WE NEED THE LEGISLATURE TO ENFORCE OUR LAWS TO KEEP US SAFE. Oh, if your country is messed up, how about doing something about it, rather than coming here, we already have given millions to your country already to help out. Trump should just cut every countries aide from us my 50% MINIMUM, use the money to straighten out our problem areas like the big flops of our major democratic cities (because they rape and pillage steal for themselves and do not take care of their constituents). A very sad mess they have created. These major problem cities have had solid democratic control for over a century, what have they accomplished besides make them more of a DRAIN TO OUR SOCIETY? Bottom line Trump has only concentrated on the illegals that commit crimes, which is a good thing, how someone can defend this is beyond me and doesn’t belong with the rest of us!

  • Goodgrief

    This bill is totally unfair to locations that are not practicing illegal immigrant protection.

  • Lalla Lisa

    NJ has 11 Sanctuary Cities. Bridgeton, Camden, Fort Lee, Hightstown, Jersey City, Newark, North Bergen, Passaic, Trenton, Union City, and West New York. Glad Trump
    is getting them out.

    Check this too … Don’t vote for the NJ Senators & Assembly Democrats in November since they are giving the Jersey people to pay MORE taxes. Jersey is a 5th small state and is the 5th highest state for TAXES!!!

    (1) Rhode Island – 1045,
    (2) Delaware – 1955,
    (3) Connecticut – 4845,
    (4) Hawaii – 6423,
    (5) NEW JERSEY – 7419

    (1) California – 13.3%,
    (2) Oregon – 9.9%,
    (3) Minnesota – 9.85%,
    (4) Iowa – 8.98%,
    (5) NEW JERSEY – 8.97%

  • Michael Mitrow

    Do something as Stupid as this, NJ Will Turn RED!!!

    • J W

      Dream on.

      • Spencer Trilby

        Humans dream. Does your kind?