Home School News What Will the 2017-18 Brick School Budget Look Like?

What Will the 2017-18 Brick School Budget Look Like?

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Will the Brick Township school district budget for 2018-17 include a tax increase, or keep the tax levy steady?

School officials say they are working on the annual spending plan now, and have already held approximately 20 meetings with with managers and supervisors to determine “wants and needs” for the next school year.

“Unfortunately, the needs of the district probably outweigh what we can afford to do,” said Interim Superintendent Thomas Gialanella.


Last year, a proposed budget increase of $7.1 million and a tax increase of $5.7 million had to be reduced to a $3.5 million increase after a public outcry. At the time, Gialanella proposed using what is known as a “cap bank” to fund the budget. In basic terms, a cap bank is the difference between how much the district could have legally hiked taxes within the state’s 2 percent cap over the prior three years and how much taxes were actually raised. Since the previous school board passed minimal or zero tax increases, all of the increases that would have been allowed – but weren’t enacted –could have been back-loaded into a single year. To a lesser extent, the same possibility exists this year.

Gialanella did not indicate whether he was looking to recommend another increase this year. Instead, he announced two budget meetings – March 9 and April 6, both open to the public – with a final vote coming in May.

Board President John Lamela, asked directly whether the cap bank would be used to increase taxes in the upcoming budget, said it was too early in the process to determine the details.

“I haven’t had that conversation with Tom [Gialanella],” said Lamela. “It’s early in the process and we’re outlining how we’re going to do things. I haven’t had that discussion so I couldn’t give you that call one way or another.”

  • Chief Wahoo

    The budget is going to look like more private workers will be foreclosed on their houses to pay for the public parasites salaries, benefits, pensions. Until the sheep finally wake up in mass, you will continue to be sheared one taxpayer at a time by those whose produce NOTHING. Been warning you all for close to 10 years now, eventually you will realize Chief Wahoo speaks the truth.

    PS how many Superintendents is Brucktucky still paying for ??? Active, interim, retired , suspended ???

    • Smokin

      Chief your right on target with above comment and sad part the ones in charge really don’t give a crap they just keep taking and the tax payers keep getting screwed. Brick is now the town of empty plaza buildings and homes

    • KaayC

      I think all school boards statewide need to be investigated. That is not an indictment of the rank and file who IMO work hard. It is the pay for play directors, supervisors and superintendents that are overpaid and almost always politically corrupt.