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Brick Beach Replenishment Project Won’t Begin Until 2018


Brick, already protected by a sea wall, will have to wait until 2018 for a beach replenishment project that will finally cover it in sand and prevent the scouring that occurs during storms.

State officials announced the full schedule for beach replenishment on Ocean County’s northern barrier island Friday. The project will begin in vulnerable Ortley Beach and end in Brick and the Normandy Beach portion of Toms River. Some officials had feared Brick would be one of the last communities to receive the engineered beaches and 22 foot-high dunes because a second measure of protection against storms – the sea wall – is already in place.

Mayor John Ducey said he was disappointed with the work schedule.


“We are nearly five years removed from Sandy and the residents of Brick have been waiting for this project,” said Ducey. “We have many people that voluntarily signed easements and have fully cooperated with the NJDEP and Army Corps. It does not sit well that there are holdouts that will be replenished before the vulnerable beaches in Brick. Every storm, the steel wall is exposed and takes more of a beating and ultimately will not last as long as predicted by the state.”

The project contractor, Weeks Marine, will start pumping sand in Ortley Beach in mid-April, marking the start of work on northern Ocean County’s beaches, hammered by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a $128 million project to build beaches and dunes in northern Ocean County.

The schedule for the replenishment is largely driven by where the sand is coming from, township officials said. All of the sand comes from “borrow” sites where a dredge boat scours the bottom of the ocean, then sends the sand through a network of pipes onto the beach. There are four approved borrow sites for the project and the distance from the beaches to the borrow sites determines what equipment is needed. Brick Township’s section requires a hopper dredge and will be the second area done with this equipment.

While Ducey said he appreciates the logistical requirements of the project, he is disappointed that Brick Township will remain vulnerable until December. 

“From a technical perspective, we understand the equipment needs and proximity to borrow sites, but to have communities on either side receiving sand and we are not receiving it until after the 2017 hurricane season makes no sense.”

Brick Township’s project will require 1.6 million cubic yards of sand. When underway, the contractor will complete approximately 100 to 200 linear feet a day. A buffer of 1,000 feet to the north and south will be closed to the public while the project is being done.

The full schedule for the project is as follows:

  • Ortley Beach (Initial beach fill): Mid-April 2017 through late April 2017
  • Mantoloking: Early July 2017 through September 2017
  • Seaside Heights: Late September 2017 through October 2017
  • Seaside Park: Late October 2017 through late December 2017
  • Ortley Beach (Completion): Mid-October 2017 to mid-December 2017
  • Brick: Winter 2018
  • Normandy Beach (Toms River): Winter 2018
  • Lavallette: Spring 2018

  • Chuck Cumella

    Sucks for me……

  • PJ

    So no Brick beaches this summer?

    • The town will deliver temporary sand in order to open the beaches and entrances for the summer. So you’ll still be able to hit the beach!

      • Will there be any times these beachs will be closed? Mantoloking says early July through Sept. does this also include beaches owned by home owners associations?

      • Pmp

        The question is why is the contractor Weeks Marine being allowed to work another contract for the Atlantic City beaches from April until September instead of fulfilling their contract to work on our beaches. They are not starting on our island until July! The announcement that Ortley is first is a political substitute and a distraction! Weeks Marine will be in Ortley only to start their beaches for 2 weeks in April! Where is the contractor in May and June? Atlantic City . Why?

  • KaayC

    So sad that so much seems to be working against us.

  • John Bushell Jr.

    Congrats on already ruining the Fall fishery for this year and perhaps and few more years on an obvious waste of time, scam, and money grab.

  • J Andrew Lark

    The Mayor is quoted as being “disappointed” that the beach replenishment in Normandy will be “after the 2017 hurricane season”. Well, that’s not the half of it! A “winter of 2018” start means that Normandy Beach isn’t getting the promised beach replenishment until TWO more hurricane seasons go by, and until who knows how many more bad Nor’Easters have pounded the wall. This isn’t a good scenario, folks…. :/

  • Surfrider

    I do not buy the explanation offered….The project was approved based on the original plan, and should stick to it! I smell something fishy here? Some kind of political coercion maybe?……..replentish..gate…….BS to us Normandy Bech residents!!.

  • Scott

    I am really stunned by all the angst. You are talking a few months. My goodness you would think this was a life and death issue. It’s sitting on the beach! People who’s homes might be affected by a storm will be taken care of first.