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Brick School Board to Propose $2M Tax Increase

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Board of Education will vote Thursday night to introduce its tentative 2017-18 school budget, which will raise taxes by over $2 million.

Figures were added to the meeting agenda Wednesday. The budget – which is subject to change before final adoption in May – calls for a $152,524,469 total budget, supported by $105,528,441 in property tax revenue. Last year, the total budget was $150,618,318, supported by a $103,511,385 tax levy. The total tax increase, as proposed, this year will be $2,017,056, or 1.94 percent, within the state’s 2 percent tax levy cap.

The board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Brick Township High School. As with all meetings, a public comment session will be held. A more formal budgetary hearing will take place at the April 27, 2017 meeting of the board, which will be held at Brick Memorial High School at 7 p.m.

  • Scott

    Enrollment down budget up never make sense to me

  • BB

    You can’t make this up! Analysis show a decrease in population and school enrollment, so why would there be any increase?

  • Chief Wahoo

    Oops. There goes Duceys $14 in savings. LOL.

    Taxation is Theft.


    • albertWestpy

      I agree with you that taxation is theft. As long as you are willing to pick-up my garbage and recycling, allow me to call you 24/7 if I need to be taken to the IR, come to my house if someone is trying to harm me, put out any fires which may occur at my house, keep the library open for Brick’s citizen’s who are literate, keep Brick’s roads paved and clear of snow, and provide “all” children with a quality education which will enable them to compete in the global market place. This awareness stems from having a good education and we must strive to give all children the best education possible.
      Keep in mind that even though school enrollment may have decreased that by no means that the cost to educate has also decreased.

      • KaayC

        School enrollments are down, so taxes should be as well.

      • albertWestpy

        Did you, by any chance, study economics under Alfred Marshall ?

      • KaayC

        No, just good common horse sense. If enrollments were up we would be taxed because enrollments are up. Now taxpayers can pay two superintendents. My what will we splurge our fourteen dollars on?

    • Make America Greater

      You Hate Kids!

    • KaayC

      Wahoo you just have too much sense!

  • Frank Rizzo

    If we can get the schools better rated our home values increase…lets work on expelling the crap students…

    • KaayC

      No such thing as a crap student. Maybe crap parenting. You are right that our schools get a low rating. I believe a four out of ten on real estate ratings.

  • Bob

    STOP the wasteful spending!!!!!

  • Smokin

    Keep raising taxes and enrollment will continue to decrease and the tax payers who stay will be paying for the free rides