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School Board to Vote on Three ‘No-Bid’ Contracts Thursday


Board of Education members debate at the Jan. 7, 2016 meeting. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Board of Education members debate at the Jan. 7, 2016 meeting. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Brick Township Board of Education will vote on three “no bid” contracts this week for a number of projects in the district.

The board, in the past, has come under fire for its practice of hiring firms to perform services without competitive bidding, a practice that is allowed under the state’s “non-fair and open” contracting process. The two firms that appear on Thursday’s agenda have done work in the past for the district.

The bids in question will award contracts for civil engineering services for the Brick Township High School east parking lot construction project, architectural services for a roof replacement at the Warren H. Wolf Elementary School and architectural services for the Brick Township High School track rebuilding project.


CHA Consultants will be paid $50,428.88 for the parking lot project. Netta Architects will be paid $81,000 for the roof project and $84,375 for the track project.

Both firms are politically active. Records from CHA Consulting have been subpoenaed as part of a federal investigation in New York, centering on whether a lobbyist steered companies to donate to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign. The Netta firm has held contracts statewide and was, for years, in the influential position as the architectural contractor for Union County government.

  • Make America Greater

    Pay to play.
    I am so glad Chris Christie ended this scam like he promised.

  • Glenn

    Over $200,000 of taxpayer money being handed to cronies with connections.

    • Yeah, to draw pictures of a parking lot, a roof and an oval kids run on.

    • KaayC

      Something stinks to high heaven with this. We should say cut the bull, or we clean house.

  • Surfrider

    No bids? Just another reason contributing to our high taxes! $81k for architecture fees in regards to a roof replacement? C’mon man!? Too bad common sense is not required for membership on the board of non-education!!

    • Smokin

      Why wouldn’t you not put these contracts out for bids whats going on here couldn’t You possibly save money for the tax payers what a joke folks!

      • john talty

        Because members of this present BOE have to pay back those persons with connections who gave them lots of dollars when they ran for this BOE.

  • Surfrider

    You are right, these clowns do not care, I for one cannot believe that it is not protocol to request bids, the fish has a fish smell! Mayor touts cutting the tax by I think 1/25%, but now the school board is proposing $2mil over last years budget, they all are too much.