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Brick School Board to Ask for $12M in Referendum From Taxpayers

A damaged parking lot at Brick Township High School. (Credit: Brick Schools)
A damaged parking lot at Brick Township High School. (Credit: Brick Schools)

While passing its budget Thursday night, Brick school officials said the spending plan contained a $25,000 line item which would fund the management of a referendum that will be presented to taxpayers in the next year.

Officials did not elaborate on what projects, specifically, the money would fund, however they indicated a vote on the plan would be put to taxpayers this year.

One of the reasons Brick is looking to ask taxpayers to vote on a referendum now is because a bond from 1996 is expiring. That will eliminate annual payments of about $500,000 to pay off the former borrowing. The idea is to keep the $500,000 debt service payments in the budget, but borrow $12 million to fund immediate projects without adding new annual debt service payments to the budget.


Earlier this spring, Brick officials laid out more than $12.5 million in repairs that are needed district-wide. In a previous report from Shorebear, the $12.5 million in repairs would range from a $1,496,000 roof replacement for the Warren H. Wolf Elementary School (formerly the Primary Learning Center), to $1,297,637 for new baseball and softball fields at Brick Memorial High School, to $1,558,000 to replace a track at Brick Township High School.

Some of the biggest ticket items the district believes it must purchase come in the form of larger, capital projects, such as $1,500,000 for new security vestibules district-wide, another $1,500,000 for a second floor air conditioning system at Lake Riviera Middle School, and $750,000 for a central heating boiler covering multiple buildings. In all, the list of proposed projects adds up to $12,566,946.

  • Mike Gant

    Again where did all the money go from previous budgets? Why were these things not made a priority years ago? Its because the school heads all wanted to spend money on too many supervisors and more people to feel important. And Im sure some of that money just magically jumped into people’s pocket. We will not pay for your corruption anymore. Everyone needs to say NO to this. Our taxes cannot go up anymore. Figure out a new system. Other states have great schools and WAY less money comes from school taxes given by tax payers.

    • J W

      Other states do not have great schools running with less money. If you’re such a wizard, go pore over the last two decades worth of books that are publicly available and identify every penny of waste. Until then, you whiney morons need to stfu.

      • Jerry Toboggan

        Hey J W, what is the translation of your name in your home country (the Congo)? Is it Ooga Booga? JW…

      • J W

        Is that Dom Brando or Joe Sangiovani behind that handle? I can’t tell.

  • Surfrider

    Good point MG, you are absolutely right! Lots of waste, and more corruption though, check the records of some of our more illustrious mayors! All the cronyism in the schools are too too top heavy……Look at the fiasco with this last super………….. How much did that cost us, you think it was an OJ trial………..Many disgusted teachers over there………That says something…….

  • Chief Wahoo

    Bond = Debt = Slavery.

    Taxation is Robbery. Inflation is Theft. Pensions are a Ponzi.

    They can only continue these shell games with Zero Interest Rates for a little longer before the whole Ponzi collapses on them.

    Wake up folks , before these public takers leave you homeless.


  • Jack Mac

    So the Mayor posts tax decrease this year and the school board budget a huge tax increase wow ! And I agree where has the money from past budgets for repairs go ?? Just very suspicious and tax payers get hit again .