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Hearing on Brick Budget, Tax Decrease Set for Tuesday

Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee
Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee

Brick Township officials will hold a hearing on the town’s 2017 municipal operating budget at a council meeting Tuesday, at which the spending plan – which cuts taxes slightly – is expected to be adopted.

Mayor John Ducey said the township’s $100,337,745 spending plan for 2017 cuts spending by $4,451,617 compared to 2016 and calls for a reduction of one-half cent on the municipal tax rate. For a resident of Brick with a home valued $294,100, the township’s average, their property tax bill would be reduced by $14.71.

The tax rate for 2017, under the proposed budget, would be 68.5 cents per $100 of assessed value. This represents only the municipal tax rate – school taxes are controlled by the Board of Education and county taxes by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. The school district has proposed a tax increase.


Ducey, when the budget was first introduced, credited debt reduction and fiscal belt-tightening for the reduction, as well as reduced spending on Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts. To that end, Brick will still have to appropriate $1,484,000 to continue to pay back Sandy recovery debt, equal to 1.44 cents on the tax rate. The good news, officials said, is that this is the township’s final payment for the cost.

The 2017 budget utilizes $10,928,024 from the township’s surplus account toward its operating budget. Ducey said that level of utilization leaves the township with a surplus balance of $10,955,587, the highest dollar amount since at least 1993.  The balance represents 10.92% of the budget, the highest amount since 1994.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the township’s municipal complex on Chambers Bridge Road.

  • BB

    Once again thank you Mr.Mayor, you and your administration are doing a noble job!
    Now lets focus on the board of education and find the hundreds of thousands that should be cut from that budget, thus lowering our property taxes to a significant level.
    Folks it has really come to that time of cutting school taxes in every municipality, we must start now!
    Starting this year, and every year after, lets vote on a decrease instead of an increase!

  • Jack Mac

    It’s a election year so they find a way to cut taxes surprisingly !

  • Chief Wahoo

    14.71 / 12 = $1.225 per month !!!!!!

    However. Don’t spend it all, as it will Surely be wiped out by County and School taxes increased. What a joke.

  • Surfrider

    My tax bill always increases, who is kidding who?