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Uncle Gino’s Market Closes Abruptly in Brick

Gino Palummo at his store in Brick, Uncle Gino's Market. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Gino Palummo at his store in Brick, Uncle Gino’s Market. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township suddenly lost a new business that was gaining popularity over the weekend, Shorebeat has learned.

Uncle Gino’s Market, which replaced Top Tomato on Brick Boulevard earlier this year, shut its doors suddenly on Sunday, after a shopper told us everything appeared seemingly normal the day before.

Uncle Gino’s was owned by Gino Palummo, who runs a store in Manalapan that remains open. On social media late Monday night, the store’s page announced the closure was “due to circumstances beyond our control.” All of the food items have been moved to the Manalapan location, which will continue to operate. In January, Shorebeat profiled Palummo in an article, where he detailed his experience as an executive in the supermarket industry before starting his own family business. Palummo had also recently joined the Chamber of Commerce and stressed that he wanted to be involved in the community.


Sources said there were no issues with the store’s building or health permits, and the closure caught officials off guard. The physical building remains under the ownership of Top Tomato, which still operates stores in New York.

  • Carolee Moore

    Sad – I liked it since it became Uncle Gino’s. Another empty store front – ugh!

  • Frank Rizzo

    The sign he had was awful…could not determine if it was a grocer or not…Top Tomato ruined the location with their poor operation…hope he had a bail out clause in his lease

    • realcheeseyo

      Yeah it was the sign outside is the reason he had to close… you nailed it Frank…

      • Frank Rizzo

        So…location does not mean a thing in the type of business you are in…a grocer could flourish in an industrial center….no need to advertise with a clear and large sign as most business does….a sign does not bring new people into the place…what other mistakes did he make then

      • KaayC

        I think he could have made a killing if located in Brick Plaza. Hooper Avenue is a nightmare and half the town would have to make a U turn to access that location. Signage is important on that busy road because you have to pay so much attention to driving.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Maybe the old Pathmark center…that area has Aldi, but no cold cuts and special items and good produce in Aldi….

  • Smokin

    Food was good had food that was catered

  • Lisa Sinclair

    I was there Sunday afternoon returning items from a party the night before and everything seemed normal!!! Crazy!

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Seems kinda sad.

  • Kimberleely

    When Top tomato first open it was a wonderful store. But slowly and surely things changed, vegetables were not quite as fresh and the store was not as clean as it should’ve been.
    But their prices were generally very good. It was convenient, you could run in and run out unlike the behemoth supermarkets. I will miss the store and they were part of, Buy in Brick . Will say I never like the new name, Uncle Gino’s, this isn’t Jersey City.

    • KaayC

      Careful, your anti Italian predjudice is showing!

    • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

      I’m from jersey city wtf r u trying to say?

      • Phil McCracken

        That Jersey City is a Huge crap hole!

      • Spencer Trilby

        Jersey City is everything that we do not want to be…

  • YousNevaSawMe

    A “friend” of a “friend” told me that a certain “somebody” was in bed with the wrong “somebodies”. Now this certain “somebody” is sleeping with “the fishes” but yous didn’t hear this from me….Capeesh?

    • Smokin

      Leave the gun ….Take the canolis

  • Kelly Moran

    Well maybe that explains the rancid salmon and flounder they sold me last week! !

  • Phil McCracken

    He can always go back to work as the butler for Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester and Pugsly.

    • KaayC

      “Youuu….. rang?”

    • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

      Didn’t your mother ever teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all there’s no need for your mean comments I met the man personally he was a wonderful guy…. you don’t know his story so you should never judge a book by its cover…. don’t be a fucking bully…. people are so quick to judge

      • Phil McCracken

        Why are you judging and bullying me?

      • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

        Lmao u r a joke u can dish it.out but can’t take it lol listen I was born n raised in Hudson county I grew up in a small town called Guttenberg… which is right next to jc my family is Italian I have 12 brothers n sisters and we are far from gutter as a matter of fact t my family was very big in town everyone was a cop firefighter mayor Dr dentist navy seal golden glove boxing champ… me myself am an antique dealer… i just and I dropped the f bomb and asked u not to bully someone based on their looks like u did in ur.post that does not make me gutter trash… I am married with 4 kids I own my own home plus 2 cars outright I have my own business and my husband is a. longshoreman dont ne so quick to judge a book by its cover… people like u r what’s wrong with this world…

      • Phil McCracken

        Never said anything about your family. I said you have a filthy gutter mouth. Never called you or your family trash.
        I deleted my harmless post because it seemed to upset you.
        I do not know the man and meant no harm.
        Just to let you know, we used to call one of my best friends Lurch because he was tall and moved slowly. He was a good guy and he was good looking. There was no harm intended.

      • Spencer Trilby

        Wow…go back to representing Jersey City. You are doing them real proud.

      • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

        R u kidding me what did I say so wrong drop the f bomb?

  • Phil McCracken

    How long was it open, a month?

  • Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    Don’t go to the Store in the Old A&P IN Kearny either, the smell there is AWFUL!

  • Phil McCracken

    New business already moving in.
    Cousin Vinnies deli.
    Fresh mozzarella and ither Italian specialties.
    Featuring Snookie’s cookies and Paulies walnuts and Mamas meatballs.

    • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

      how do u know this? brick needs a real Italian deli….

      • Spencer Trilby

        Stacey, Brick also needs retards like you

      • Stacey Leigh Fawcett

        Wow I wish ppl like u didn’t hide behind a computer… Lmao my husband would wash it mouth out with his fist

      • KaayC

        Mulberry Street

    • Matt Florio

      This moron Phil likes putting people down…fucking joke of a human …probably a 50 year old dude that never leaves his apartment lives with momma and is afraid to use his real name keyboard toughguy

      • Goodgrief

        Matt, your language is not appropriate. Please clean it up.

  • Trudy Prowitz Kreutzer Achenba

    Sad, but it could have closed for several reasons. BOH, delinquent of rent. or just changed his mind about the location or didn’t think he could handle more than one location.

  • Surfrider

    When tomatos are in, say around late July, stop over to Seagoin Road for the best toms that can be grown! all heirlooms and hybrids…..