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As Complaints Mount, Officials Say Parkway Interchange 91 Will Soon Be Open

Signage for the future "Herbertsville" exit on the Garden State Parkway, covered up. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Signage for the future “Herbertsville” exit on the Garden State Parkway, covered up. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

In the lore of Brick’s Facebook groups and neighbor-to-neighbor chatter, few local news items are discussed more frequently – and frustratingly – as the Garden State Parkway Interchange 91 project.

The county-led project, with state funding, stalled last summer when political infighting over a gas tax hike resulted in the stoppage of nearly all transportation projects statewide, delaying the interchange development work for months. Initially, state and county officials expected the job to be completed in February. In the mean time, the physical condition of the roads in and around the work zone have deteriorated into a morass of pot holes, stones and unevenly-laid remnants of what used to be pavement.

Mayor John Ducey said he last held discussions with Ocean County officials on the status of the project two weeks ago. At that point, they promised the interchange itself – entrances and exits to both the northbound and southbound lanes of the Parkway – would be open by Memorial Day weekend.


“They’re still going to have to do to some of the plantings and paving, but the entrances and exits will be open,” said Ducey.

The project, now 11 years in the making, will include numerous new entrance and exit ramps. Changes include:

  • A new northbound entrance ramp from Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road, with access to the park-and-ride lot on the east side of the Parkway.
  • A second northbound entrance ramp for vehicles traveling eastbound on Burnt Tavern Road. This ramp will allow access from Burrsville Road. The single existing northbound ramp will be eliminated.
  • New northbound exit and entrance ramps linking the Parkway and Burrsville Road.
  • A new southbound entrance ramp for traffic heading west on Burnt Tavern Road.
  • A second southbound entrance ramp linking Lanes Mill Road with the Parkway. Herborn Avenue will be extended south and east to Lanes Mill Road, where it will meet the new entrance ramp and a signaled intersection.

A new system of traffic lights will be timed to make traffic flow more quickly through the oft-congested area in the northern portion of the township, county officials have promised.

The county awarded a $21,319,770 contract for the project in August 2014. The exit will be known as the “Herbertsville” exit, a nod to the section of town that can be accessed closest to the interchange.

Interchange 91 Realignment (Source: Ocean County Engineering Department)
Interchange 91 Realignment (Source: Ocean County Engineering Department)

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Naming the exit “Herbertsville” is stupid. Nobody uses that name anymore. It should say Brick Twp- Exit A or what ever.

    • Mac

      Many of the Parkway fully-sanctioned thicker kneepads use exit 98, except for the two ‘married leaders’ running the ‘Parkway/Turnpike executive entertainment operation’ that strictly use exit 67 after hours following daily pit stops off of exit 98. Anything below exit 98 is of little importance to them, at least during daylight hours, as this 11-year nightmare again profiles, except, of course, for recruitment efforts.

    • Jack Mac

      Agree Brick A..B is perfect …or jokingly Sections name could have many names ???

    • Mark Story Jenks

      Your “nobody” isn’t anybody I know.

      • Late Night Comedian

        “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
        Yogi Berra
        HLA honorary member.

  • Beach N8iv

    Define “SOON”

    • Did you only read the headline? The definition of “soon” is in the article.

  • Cosmo J Occhiogrosso

    So how does southbound bus traffic connect passengers with the Park & Ride on the north bound side if they are deleting the bus pull off on the southbound exit??

  • Stephen Brill

    The initial cost was $21 million, I would guess that it must have been exceeded by about $2 million due to political interference.

    Ocean County Freeholders should contribute to the repair and renewal of Bernard Cook Park that was directly impacted by the project.

  • J W

    A more fitting name for the exit than Herbertsville would be Rube Goldberg. I wish they’d never built that thing. Just leave it be.