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Brick Council to Vote on New Plan for Foodtown Lot This Week

The former Foodtown site off Route 70 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The former Foodtown site off Route 70 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A revised Foodtown redevelopment plan up for consideration by the township council this week would settle a lawsuit and finally allow construction to begin on the site.

The agreement would divide the property into two lots. M&M at Route 70, the original redeveloper that had been suing the township, will retain one of the lots on which three retail pads will be built.

The second lot will be conveyed to TCA Properties, which will build an “indoor recreation center” at the site, according to a copy of a resolution on Tuesday night’s council meeting agenda.


The agenda does not include the financial particulars of the new plan. In 2007, when M&M was appointed redeveloper for the entire project – with the hopes of building a full-service hotel there – the company, led by developer Jack Morris, agreed to purchase the site for $7.5 million. No money was ever exchanged, however, because the developer was not responsible for purchasing the site until the planning board approved what would be developed there.

Mayor John Ducey and the township council terminated the agreement in 2014, after M&M had failed to meet numerous deadlines and unsuccessfully pitched a residential condominium plan for the site which would have violated the original agreement. M&M quickly filed a lawsuit, a bench trial for which began earlier this year.

The township, then led by Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli, bought the site in 2003 for $6.1 million. It was formerly housed a Foodtown supermarket and Bradlees store.

The council will consider the new plan at its meeting May 23, which begins at 7 p.m. at the township municipal complex.

  • Late Night Comedian

    Why are Brick property tax payers charged an open space tax if the Township is selling their open space next to Forge Pond.
    That is the ideal type of open space we need.
    Repeal the tax if not needed.

    • Chief Wahoo

      They use the open space tax to pay the public takers salaries. You didn’t think open space had anything to do with this tax did you ????? LOL.

  • Elizabeth J. Scalley

    Roller rink!!

    • Late Night Comedian

      Don’t worry, the taxpayers will get rolled alright.
      We always do!

  • Mike Morton

    Seems awfully vague to be called a redevelopment plan. How much property does M&M get, what type of retail is being considered what is “indoor recreational facility”, what is the price tax abatements?

    • Daniel Nee

      Working on the details. May have to wait ’til the meeting for a full explanation.

      • Mike Morton

        Thanks Dan. I know that Mayor Ducey has said that he wants a privately owned sports bubble here but it would be interesting to see who TCA is. I assume the M&M lawsuit is dropped in exchange for their participation. Perhaps the Wawa on 88 will move ahead now too.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Who wants to look at a sports bubble?
        You have to be kidding me!

      • Mike Morton

        According to what Mayor Ducey said today the indoor sports facility will be built on the back half of the lot and the three retail pads will be in front so we will have to look at more retail buildings instead. He didn’t mention what stores are coming but it sounds like one will be a restaurant and the others will be approx. 20,000 sq. feet, which seem too small for a grocery store. At least this means that the lawsuit with M&M will be over and hopefully the land will begin to generate property tax income. I would rather have a park or some other passive recreational facility but it’s not going to happen.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Im sure they wont pay full property taxes either.
        Very low payment in lieu of taxes instead.
        Just like Costco and other properties.
        They talk about ratables then give them big tax breaks.

  • Late Night Comedian

    Ducey has to get this done before the election.
    Ducey /Fozman dems originally ran against GOP tax raise, which Ducey kept.
    GOP not developing Foodtown lot, which dems haven’t either.
    Not taking cadillac health benefits for themselves , which they have taken.
    Not hiring friends and family, which they have.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Use open space tax to tear down crappy houses using the road department at cost…buy crappy strip malls too…use Foodtown as an open space for the circus…a farmers mart…other activities like this

  • walter.f.campbell

    Mayor and Council….pay M&M the $750,000 for “Demo” of bldg.(Foodtown) send them on their way! They have three vacate stores in Costco Plaza now.Most towns our size in N.J.have nice “Community Ctrs.” (pools,field houses,sr.ctrs.fitness units,and passive areas) for “ALL” ages! Forget the political “B.S.” (pay to play).We the people need extreme “input”…such a disgrace! REMEMBER….we have given options in the past…one in particular:private/public partnerships….NO COST TO TAXPAYERS…no follow up mtg.by Mayor and B.A.!!

    • Mike Morton

      It looks like there was no attempt to obtain resident input in this. As far as I know there isn’t even a Citizens’ Redevelopment Advisory Board any more and there was no attempt to reach out to Friends of Forge Pond despite the meetings we have had with them in the past. Can’t help but be suspicious of this. Just because residential cannot be built here doesn’t mean we don’t expect the opportunity to give feedback.

  • Stephen Brill

    Could someone please explain how TCA was chosen?
    Every time this lawsuit was brought up at the town council meetings only limited information was given.

    The exhibits a, b, c refered to in the agenda are not appended to the online agenda. Were these given to the council members? Doesn’t the public have a right to know before the next council meeting so we could see for ourselves if this is a good deal?

    The resolution proposed should include an interpretive statement similar to what the voters are given before an election on particular items.

  • Jack Mac

    More new retail businesses when there’s so many large empty out of business retail space in town now …Why is this a good plan ???

  • Late Night Comedian

    Leave it open space.
    There is vegetation already growing up through the asphalt.
    Rip up asphalt and let native plants grow there naturally.
    Leave small amount of asphalt for parking so residents can walk to Foge Pond and hike, kayak and fish.
    Brick does not need more incoming traffic and commerce.
    Enough is enough!

  • Nan

    I think you left out of the article that Mayor Scarpelli bought the site from Jack Morris because of pleadings of St Thomas Lutheran School Teachers who did not necessarily live in Brick. The school is no longer in operation.

    Some of us cannot help but wonder if Jack Morris is the unnamed developer cited in the Scarpelli extortion case.