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Brick School District Looking to Subdivide, Sell Laurelton School Site

The former Laurelton Elementary School. (File Photo)
The former Laurelton Elementary School. (File Photo)

The former Laurelton Elementary School, which was shut down following the 2007-08 school year and remained vacant ever since, is officially up for sale.

The district has received offers on the building – including one that was considered recently – but has never gone through with a sale. Now, Interim Superintendent Thomas Gialanella said, the district is actively engaging in a plan to sell the plot, near the intersection of Route 88 and Princeton Avenue.

“We have asked [staff] to explore selling the Laurelton school,” Gialanella said at a meeting last week. “We want to subdivide the property because we own the warehouse piece behind it.”


In a subdivision plan, the district would split the property into two separate lots and, likely, keep the warehouse facility. The school building itself would be sold off.

Previously, Wawa and Meridian Health Systems expressed an interest in the site, however no deal was finalized. A new Wawa is now proposed just a few blocks from the former school, at the intersection of Route 88 and Jack Martin Boulevard.

A subdivision would require approval from the township’s planning board. No case has been scheduled for the matter to be heard by the municipal government.

  • Late Night Comedian

    Nice place for a yeshiva or a temple.

  • Frank Rizzo

    How about they tear it down and keep it…..before the Lakewood crew buys it for their use

    • Jack Mac

      I was thinking same Lakewood would jump on that building and location

  • Northside Mom

    Wait, so yet ANOTHER empty school building (EEC also empty) and overcrowded class rooms?! Awesome!

    • KaayC

      Yep, brought to you by Brick Township “Bored” of Education. Redistrict, overcrowd schools, vote yourself and your croanies raises, then sell off properties part and parcel. They are a travesty!

      • coolerhead

        The building is old and in disrepair. It has not been used since 2008. Before that it was used for pathways students only. The building was built in 1934! My god you naysayers, conspiracy obsessed, know-nothings have no clue. Sell the building and put the land back on the tax roles. If the building has historical significance maybe the historical society wants to buy it. But the board should unload it and save the maintenance costs.

      • KaayC

        Built in 1934? – than better built than the crap locally built in the 60’s! Get your head out of your arse and have some aesthics and common freakin sense! It is a lovely building that can be used in lieu of these greedy bureaucrats only looking for the next perk!

      • coolerhead

        Again you show signs of ignorance. Common sense says, in 1934 commonly used materials in the construction industry included:
        asbestos; used in insulation and as a fire retardant in floor tiles, and other finish materials
        and lead; used in water pipes, including water service pipes and water distribution pipes, and plumbing fixtures.
        Handicap accessibility is not to today’s standards, violating the ADA civil rights laws. The fire protection ratings of the materials are not to today’s standards.
        Heating and ventilation systems are inefficient, and difficult to service. Even if the heating system was replaced a retrofitted system is never as efficient as in a new building.
        An 83 year old building is very expensive to renovate and maintain.
        If you find the building aesthetically pleasing buy it. Feel free to maintain it, pay the property taxes. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with the school district being forced to maintain this building that they do not want and would be enormously costly to renovate to acceptable standards.
        You seem determined to change the subject to perks of serving on the school board. If you have any integrity, and are not just a internet troll, seeing conspiracies everywhere, stick to the subject. The sale of the property makes sense and is the responsible thing for the school district to do.

      • KaayC

        The building had been updated for Pathways students splendid ignorant one! Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that building is salvageable. And yes it is more aesthetically pleasing than that barn they call a high school where counselors sit in offices with cheap, faux paneling from the 1950’s.!

  • J W

    I hope they don’t tear down the building. It’s a nifty old building.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Oy Vey !!!

  • Surfrider

    I for one think this is WRONG! So desperate for money to sell off history a very usable building? Town should not be in realestate business, as they have no expertise whatsoever…Other properties they own are in bad shape, keep them up! The one on CherryQuay road is a disgrace! The police used it a couple years for training (?) and wrecked it! What an eyesore! That is a property that should be sold, by a licensed broker who will do a much better job,

    • KaayC

      Surf, you are the voice of reason.

      • Surfrider

        Once in a while! haha…..I tell ya though, on cherry quay road on the right,you should ride by, door has plywood over, obvious “abandon” look…..could fit nicely in down town Trenton!