Brick Will Allow Microbreweries in Certain Areas of Town

    A beer glass on top of a bar. (Photo: Ruocaled/Flickr)
    A beer glass on top of a bar. (Photo: Ruocaled/Flickr)

    Brick residents who want to see a microbrewery come to town may soon get their wish, following a move by the township council this week to allow the businesses in a number of zones.

    Ocean County is already home to several microbreweries, including those in Toms River, Lacey Township and soon Seaside Heights. Brick’s zoning code, developed before the microbrewery trend took off, did not include allowances in any of its zones, which would have made opening such a business more costly since it would have to be approved by the Board of Adjustment with a use variance.

    This week, the council introduced an ordinance that would allow microbreweries in the township’s B-2 and B-3 business zones, as well as the M-1 industrial zone. Industrial zones have become unlikely homes to brewers, including the Backward Flag Brewery, which is located in Lacey Township’s industrial park.


    Mayor John Ducey said the township code will allow for microbreweries that brew 15,000 barrels per year or less. The limit is to prevent a brewery from becoming a “distribution site,” Ducey said.

    In order to be enacted, the ordinance will be subject to a public hearing followed by a second vote, planned for the next council meeting.

    • Mike Gant

      I Hope we get a microbrewery. they are popping up all over and have some of the best tasting beers. It would be cool to have one in Brick Then you could do a Ocean County Tour. Lacy, Toms River, Brick, Point Pleasant. End somewhere like Jenks on the boardwalk.

      • Jack Mac

        Something different rather than pizza ..Chinese food food ..amazing hope it works out

    • Albert Westpy

      Thank’s to everyone who is responsible for this attempt at having something new in Brick which will bring more jobs, revenue, and something of interest into our area.
      I for one would support an addition of free events, throughout the year, which would take place in public spaces (schools, houses of worships, parks, etcetera )of cultural interest for both adults and children and at no or very little cost to the town such as art shows in a park or library.

    • Glenn

      Does this mean the town will sell additional liquor licenses?

      • realcheeseyo

        It’s a different kind of liquor license. Breweries have to play by a different set of rules.

    • J W

      This isn’t SoDoSoPa or even CtPaTown. Microbreweries are not fit for blue collar, Archie Bunkervilles where the local inbreds prefer to swill Bud Lite water beer or pop pills.

      • Jerry Toboggan

        Wow…you are one racist monkey.

      • Kelly Moran


    • Pete Cast Off Yachts

      Jw…lacey is far from a sodosopa. Except for kennys house

    • realcheeseyo

      Too bad they turned down Icarus Brewing which moved into Lakewood. Those guys are crushing it.

      • Andy Pat

        Yes, Jason at Icarus is brewing great products that are now in many OC bars and restaurants. They are right off New Hampshire in Lakewood Industrial Park. Very close to Blueclaws stadium. Love that Panic Pale Ale!

        • Frank Rizzo

          Are they members of the Lakewood cult

        • Andy Pat

          I am unsure. What is the criteria needed to make that judgment?
          While I have had numerous discussions with Jason, mostly revolving around beer, we did not discuss personal religious beliefs or philosophies.

        • realcheeseyo

          What would it matter if they were?

        • Jack Mac

          Didn’t know they were there haven’t read any advertisement thanks for information

    • Late Night Comedian

      WE need a good hamburger place in Brick.

    • Jack Mac

      Allowing one in Mantoloking Road area would help the new restaurant plans with traffic is that the plans ??

      • Late Night Comedian

        Bingo! You got it!
        Watch and see micro brewery pops up at Mantaloking Marina.

        • Jack Mac

          Obvious choice for that location to boost sales of the restaurant traffic traffic traffic

        • Jack Mac

          It’s amazing years ago the democrats in town carried on saying it was a terrible idea to build that marina and park now they are loving it and building it up wow Thanks GOP

        • Late Night Comedian

          They hated marina, now they love it and and keep adding to it.
          They hated tax increase, but they have kept it and love spending every penny of it and even raised it.
          They hated solar field but now they love it and showcase how environmentally friendly they are.

    • Jack Mac

      Does Lakewood like microbrewery while there in marina park