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Cops: Brick Man Tried to Lure Girl, 15, Online


A Brick Township man was arrested Saturday after he arranged to engage in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl online, announced the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Craig Sorokach, 28, of Sawmill Road, was charged following an investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office working in conjunction with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC). He is charged with attempted sexual assault, luring, enticing a child by various means, attempted endangering the welfare of a child, and attempted obscenity to a minor after he allegedly arranged to meet with the girl in Howell.

Anyone with any information about this case or anyone who has been a victim of Sorokach’s activities are being urged to call Detective Tiffany Lenart of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office at 1-800-533-7443.


A photo of the suspect was not available. 

  • Frank Rizzo

    Who owns the unit and does he rent it

    • Rosesalute

      He is from Lakewood originally…surprise surprise. His registered address is 222 Sawmill Road. Owner of record (landlord) Ralph Marrone from Clark, NJ. He purchased the condo in 2004. Rents it to garbage as you can see. The landlord should be held accountable.

      • Mark Frey

        I agree that, assuming guilt, this guy is scum. I’m not happy with the condo rental issue in NJ but you honestly cannot think to hold the landlord responsible for this type of action unless he did a background check, found a similar conviction and rented the unit to him anyway.

        Personally, I think there should be a limit within all types of housing communities such as condos and townhouses that no more than, say 20% of all units could be rentals. The rest must be owner in residence.

      • Long time local

        I think allowing an excessive number of non-resident landlords leads to a greater number of trash like this moving in. Realistically, I think any condo or townhouse cluster should allow no more than 20% of units to be rentals, the other 80% should have the owners living there.

        Lastly, trying to hold the landlord accountable for the actions of their tenant is difficult to say the least.

      • Rosesalute

        Well, since know crime is an issue there, something along the lines of Belmar’s “Animal House” ordinance would have landlords doing background checks prior to renting in effort to avoid facing penalties for their tenants with repeat offences. I think we can agree there are some people who have prior charges for weapons, drugs, gang activity in there.

        “A property is only designated an Animal House after an administrative law hearing has been held and the hearing officer has found that in any twelve-month period, two complaints on separate occasions, of “disorderly, indecent, tumultuous or riotous” conduct have been substantiated by prosecution and convictions in any court of competent jurisdiction where such conduct was found to have taken place upon or in proximity to the seasonal rental premises and was attributable to the tenants of such seasonal rental property. Acts that may result in a property being designated an Animal House may include by way of example, but are not limited to, (a) simple assault, (b) assault, (c) terrorist threats, (d) harassment, (e) lewdness, (f) urinating in public, (g) criminal mischief, (h) or excessive noise and other criminal acts.

        Unless a landlord is able to demonstrate that he has taken effective action to prevent such problems, he can be required to a post a bond of up to $5,000.00. In the event the property is the source of another substantiated quality-of-life violation within a 4-year period following the posting of the bond, the Borough may draw against the bond to fund the cost of repressing future violations.”

  • east coast resident

    The condo owner is a former resident. He moved and couldn’t sell it, because of huge drop in value, so he rents it. And being that all the lowlifes, plus everyone else, are being chased out of Lakewood, because of the overpopulation of you know who, they all move to Sawmill. I can’t wait to see his picture. His name sounds like he’s a regular white male loser.

    • Rosesalute

      Go to the Brick Patch for the mushot