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Developing: Brick Housing Authority Director Admits Embezzling Funds

Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.
Alesia Watson (right), executive director of the Housing Authority of the Township of Brick.

Alesia R. Watson, the part-time executive director of the Brick Township Housing Authority, has admitted embezzling federal funds.

Watson, 54, of Galloway Township, pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams in Camden federal court Monday to a charge of one count of embezzling federal funds received from HUD, and administered by the Ocean City Housing Authority, to which she was not entitled.

Watson serves as executive director of both the Brick and Ocean City housing authorities. The criminal charges made no mention of her role in Brick. According to meeting minutes, the Brick authority’s board discussed, in private session, the agreement with Ocean City on April 17. Watson was present at that meeting.


Watson, when she was first appointed to the Brick position, granted Shorebeat an interview in which she admitted financial crimes in her past and said she had turned over a new leaf. Her background once cost her a job as executive director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority following a newspaper investigation.

“I made some mistakes in my life, and I’ve cleaned myself up and turned myself around,” Watson said in the interview. “I went back to college and turned everything around. You learn from your mistakes, and you change and move on.”

According to documents filed in the case and statements made in court:

As executive director in Ocean City, Watson had access to two credit cards maintained by OCHA. From December 2013 through March 2015, Watson allegedly purchased 69 MasterCard gift cards using these two OCHA credit cards and used the gift cards for personal expenses not associated with OCHA, or provided them to friends and family members.

Watson then used federal funds received from HUD and administered by OCHA to pay the credit card bills associated with the purchase of the gift cards. According to the plea agreement, the loss associated with the embezzlement was more than $6,500 but less than $15,000.

The embezzlement charge carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine, or twice the gain or loss from the offense. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 15, 2017.

As federal prosecutors issued a statement on the case late Monday, it was unclear as to Watson’s present employment status at the Brick authority. Watson was still listed as its executive director, according to the authority’s website. Records show Watson earned a $95,830 salary in 2016.

  • Late Night Comedian

    Democrats culture of corruption, ripping off the poor and the taxpayers.

  • Don

    Part time making over $ 95,00.00 SMH

    • Brad K. Leak

      Actually 2 part time jobs equals one full one. Great idea for the 2 agencies to split the salary and benefits, just wrong hire!!!

  • Nancy Fullerton-DeLuca

    Um…..can I have her job? I’m college educated and have a clean record.

    • Jerry Toboggan

      Let’s see…because you a college education does qualify you. The fact that you have a clean record unfortunately disqualifies you.

  • ThatGuy

    Shes a black woman, they wont fire her. They need her for hiring demographics.

  • east coast resident

    Whoever hired her, knowing that she had a criminal record should also go to prison, along with her, for stupidity, or complicity. Why was she hired, in the first place. Is it because she’s black/ It was certainly not because of her clean record

  • Chief Wahoo

    Keep paying those PROPERTY TAXES the public takers are counting on you. And if not. Of course, it’s for the children.

    How this felon , could get hired in this town over any long time taxpaying resident who may want the job is criminal. There should be a revolution in the morning. But You sheep of Bricktucky deserve everything that comes your way for being afraid to stop the cronyism…..of both the blue and red teams. There’s NO difference between them. Just different operations of how they steal your money. But I guess it’s not theft when you hand it over with a smile each month, quarter, year. FOOLS.


  • albertWestpy

    The comments made, so far, by “ThatGuy” & “Late Night Comedian” are racist and stupid. whenever I come to this page I am reminded of the fact that rather than retiring to the New Jersey shore, to be near the ocean, I should have remained in Upper Montclair where even those who may think that way are intelligent enough to not make their views public. Although I do see that some seem to be smart enough to hide their true identities behind a pseudonym.
    Perhaps if we had a better public educational States there would be fewer people with these types of disabilities.

    • ThatGuy

      They are not racist. You’re a weak snowflake. She is a sign of the liberal disease. Towns and companies are forced to hire minorities, especially black women. It has to do with skin color not merit or skill. Towns need to hire brown people to keep the lawsuits away. She is clearly not capable of her job, yet she will keep it bc the town doesnt want to be called a racist.

      Jews play the anti Semitic card, blacks play the racism card. Idiots like you just pay more in taxes instead of fighting back.

      You retired to a rich part of NJ, you must be on the public take, just like this woman. How much state pension do you collect?

      • albertWestpy

        Hmm, it seems as if the only part of my comment that seemed to strike a cord with you was the term “racist”. You did go on to prove that that I was correct by your continued racist comments. As for the rest of your retort it’s so ludicrous that it’s amusing.

      • Jerry Toboggan

        You should have remained in Upper Montclair you buggerer

      • albertWestpy

        Your correct as I found the 41 years I lived in Montclair as being most agreeable and the majority of the people to be very gracious.
        But I discovered that I had a calling to try and enlighten not only racists but members of the great unwashed who make slanderous comments as they hide behind pseudonyms. But then we have gone down this road before !
        With all that being said I hope than my name has not been, or will not be, crossed off your Christmas card list.

      • ThatGuy

        What was racist.

        What specific part of my post was racist and not actual truth? This is how towns hire, they have to hire minorities.

        I love when a pussy like you cant win the debate and instead calls it amusing, like your above and beyond.

        Your not above and beyond, your weak and you cant hold a debate. Again, show me the racism, show me where Im wrong about towns being forced to hire minorities.

        If your not going to add anything, then shut up.

        Take your calling back to upper Montclair.

        Your in a blue collar area now, people like you dont belong. How come you couldn’t afford Monmouth County?

        What do you mean by unwashed? What color or creed do you think your better than and need to help?

      • Late Night Comedian

        That odd looking thing from Montclair you are trying to debate is going to insult you for using “your” instead of “you’re”.
        That thing is a self proclaimed super genius because it thinks it is the only “person” in the surrounding Brick area that has a college degree.

    • Goodgrief

      Late Night Comedian does not mention race at all.
      With all that superior attitude you flash I would think your reading skills should at least be normal.
      We should all watch those that carelessly throw around the race card very closely.

      • albertWestpy

        Your correct on two points:
        1. Late Night did not mention race nor did I accuse him of racism. Should you care reread my comment where I listed two consecutive names then two consecutive behaviors.
        2. My literacy skills are not normal they are quite above average if I must say so myself.
        One closing thought is that I don’t carelessly throw around the race card, the superior attitude card, or do anything in a careless manner.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Fat albertWestpy, I hope that is not your real picture.
        If it is your real picture, then I know why you are always bragging about your self proclaimed, allegedly superior intellect, and not your rather disgustingly repulsive, sub human, very inferior appearance.

      • albertWestpy

        Is that the best you can do ? Tres de’classe.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Some people are born smart.
        Some people are born beautiful.
        Some people are born modest.
        I happen to be all three.

      • albertWestpy

        That’s wonderful.

      • Jerry Toboggan

        vous êtes un homosexuel

      • albertWestpy

        And your point is ?

      • Goodgrief

        “The comments made, so far, by “ThatGuy” & “Late Night Comedian” are racist and stupid.”

        You might be right. Your writing skills perhaps should be questioned.

    • Mac

      And you are applying to be the cover-boy for ‘these types of disabilities’ why?

      • albertWestpy

        Your comment is illogical.

      • Mac

        And I rest my case.

      • Late Night Comedian

        Ok Spock

    • albertWestpy
      • albertWestpy

        By all !

  • Chief Wahoo

    Humphrey is the daughter of politically connected city insurance broker Lena Fulton. Fulton said earlier this year that she did not exert her influence to get Humphrey the job. Instead, she said, she encouraged her daughter against taking the top position.” (Harper, Press of Atlantic City)

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  • Chief Wahoo

    ANTIC CITY – A woman who resigned as the Atlantic City Housing Authority’s executive director in July 2006 weeks after The Press of Atlantic City reported her petty-theft convictions has notified several public agencies that she may sue them for employee discrimination and seek $3 million.

    Alesia R. Humphrey notified both Atlantic City’s Housing Authority and its municipal government along with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development field office in Newark. She singled out Diane Johnson, HUD’s state director, as well as city Housing Authority Commissioners Mark Hamilton, Joel Clark and Shontai Nicholson.

    A tort-claim notice is not a lawsuit. Instead, it reserves a person’s right to sue a public agency in New Jersey. …


  • Jack Mac

    So 95k for a part time position wasn’t enough really greed and corruption out of control who was her connection in Democratic Party to get this job great selection

  • Chief Wahoo

    As executive director in Ocean City, Watson had access to two credit cards maintained by OCHA. From December 2013 through March 2015, Watson allegedly purchased 69 MasterCard gift cards using these two OCHA credit cards and used the gift cards for personal expenses not associated with OCHA, or provided them to friends and family members.

    New Brick Housing Authority Boss Draws Praise, Despite Past Controversy

    By Daniel Nee –
    March 27, 2015

  • Goodgrief

    Whoever in Brick that hired Watson is guilty of misfeasance and should be investigated. I bet you can’t get hired as a beach sweeper with a record like she has.

  • KaayC

    Make her give up her home to the homeless people she ripped off.